One intimate apparel brand that I continue to check up on, but have yet to experience, is Huit. Avant-garde by nature, they offer a solid collection of essentials (not just pretty little numbers to look at).

No newcomer to the scene, Huit has been designing intimate apparel and swimwear for over 40 years, keeping to a 'beautifully simple' philosophy (Parisian genius). I can't help but love the way they present themselves — in a don't-take-me-too-seriously way. And who doesn't want a pair of those sheer colored thigh-highs now? Too fun!


Having just discovered Huit's line of swimwear, I must say it's very well done. Just wish I had the tushie to flaunt this one!


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prettylingerie2011No, it's not February. Valentine's Day has not yet arrived.

Still, I find myself trying to justify the purchase of really pretty lingerie. I'm not talking about over-the-top sexy ... more along the lines of beautifully sweet and feminine.

There are so many fabulous choices out there, whether you shop in a large department store or intimate boutique. Or, online! Speaking of, one of my favorite online lingerie boutiques is Panty By Post. I love the idea of being surprised with a pretty new pair of panties delivered to my doorstep each month.

If you live or are traveling in Paris, you must stop by Princesse Tam Tam (featured photo). Truly gorgeous sets.

Lingerie. Something I am adding to my list before February rolls around!

beautifulbloomersI remember the days as a little girl wearing my ruffled bloomers under a dress. It was the safe thing to do to ensure your britches weren't exposed, of course. Yet, there was something so feminine and secretive about them. They were so pretty with fabulous detail, like my eyelet ones. And though it was unladylike to hike up your dress in front of strangers, didn't you want to — just once — to show off your beautiful bloomers? I know I did.

I dream about those little bloomers, wishing I could wear them now as an adult.

In steps Anthropologie with their darling Hermosa Cami + Bloomers set. I feel completely justified to wear bloomers again! This is the perfect summer ensemble to wear to bed or to lounge around the house in (that is, if you're not expecting guests to stop by ... or, maybe you want that someone special to stop by, who knows!).

Sweet, sexy and innocent, these bloomers would make any woman feel like they had a big, fat secret they weren't allowed to tell anyone. Yet, would they anyway? I don't know, you tell me...

Does this sound familiar?
One of these days, I promise to treat myself to some seriously pretty panties.
I've been known to read minds. And I can tell you this, when you wear beautiful lingerie underneath your clothing, something peculiar happens. There's an extra spring in your step. You feel like you have this juicy secret you can't tell a soul (but you do anyway). And you feel giddy all day. It's a fabulous thing.

Jockey, move over!


When I came across Panty By Post, I realized the perfect opportunity was right in front of us ... the concept we've all been waiting for. Panties via air mail ... pick your poison or be surprised (gotta love the element of surprise). Treating ourselves to those seriously pretty panties just became simple!

Made of the finest, most durable fabrics on the market, each panty is a masterpiece — some are even adorned with ribbon and lace. Like this beautiful pair of panties, Dreamlover in Teacrose + Chantilly. They're so gorgeous, they belong on display (by that I mean, on your person).

Whether you're the Sexy Single type ($16) or The Commitment type ($155 for 12 pairs), you have every reason to indulge. So do!