I have to admit, Rachel Zoe is making an impact on the runway (her first official collection to hit the proverbial runway). Her fall 2012 collection is an expression of the obtainable. It has the wow factor, of course. However, it has the wearable factor, as well, which is even more important. For some reason, I gravitate toward her black and white selections. Love.

Anna Sui stays true to her signature style with color and print. Super fun, with many ensembles extending to many an audience. But the coup de grâce goes to Rag & Bone. Limiting my selections, I still ended up with seven that I couldn't bare to part with. Every single piece that strutted down the runway resonates. Style, cut, color, pattern and layering effect. This collection is worth the investment.

Stay tuned for my final thoughts on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - New York and what to expect for the season (or two) ahead!


Featured above: Rachel Zoe, Anna Sui, Rag & Bone.

Wintertime luxe from Michael Kors in the form of shearling, Mongolian lamb and raccoon (also seen at Vera Wang) with the most interesting of placements. And I'm a sucker for bloomers, so of course the many that came down the runway made me happy.

Oh Milly! I am your girl this fall without a doubt. From color to prints to cuts — divine. And more padded hips? In reasonable doses, albeit. Keeping with the blues, I had to bring Proenza Schouler back to show how cream, black and blue came together in an edgy way. Super cool.

But Dennis ... Dennis is my main squeeze. Über fabulous, fur reals. There are no words.


Featured above: Michael Kors, Milly, Dennis Basso and Proenza Schouler.

Orange, teal, red, fuchsia and teal mixed with luxe neutrals. Give me more! Fierce color on the fall runway. If you haven't jumped out of your seat with excitement yet, get ready, you will.

Vivienne Tam was yummalicious, while Proenza Schouler was tough. Vera Wang explored more super sheers and Theyskens Theory brought a cool edge. And how about some gathered leather from Thakoon?


Featured above: Vivienne Tam, Vera Wang, Thakoon, Proenza Schouler and Theyskens Theory.

Fashion goodness continues in the form of the bold and the beautiful. Beginning with Hervé Léger's mix of equestrian and gladiator styles. Oh the boots! I certainly hope they are produced because I must have. Reed Krakoff's fall collection keeps to clean lines, yet interesting cuts. Here we go again with yet another boot that caught my eye — the mid calf boot.

While there were a few dresses that may appeal to the masses from Marc by Marc Jacobs, most of the collection is already forgotten. Well, with the exception of the orange/rust collared dress below.

The forever elegant Carolina Herrera presented another pretty pretty collection (love those front pockets). And Oscar was Oscar with over-the-top prints and fabrics, with a more youthful spin this season. I loved the consistency of the fishnets. More to come!


Featured above: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Reed Krakoff, Carolina Herrera, Hervé Léger and Oscar de la Renta.

Serious excitement on the runway in New York! From fabulous color and prints to a strong, yet plush, mix of fabrics. And based on what I'm seeing, oranges and yellows will continue to demand attention from spring into fall. Add to the list rust, cranberry and teal.

So far, two of my favorite collections representing the wonders of colors, prints and fabrics are Nanette Lepore and Rebecca Minkoff. Delicious! And surprise surprise from Rodarte. Feminine power from frills to leather.

Stay tuned for more fashion week coverage.


Featured above: Nanette Lepore, Rodarte and Rebecca Minkoff.

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