While most of my audience has already tuned into the FW08 forecast predicted back in March, it's worth a second mention, as I am getting very excited about what the season has to offer. Granted, we have a few more grueling hot months to endure before we can whip out our fall wardrobe. But alas, it will be here before we know it. Here's what you can expect:

Fall/Winter 08 is all about celebrating the woman's body. In really beautiful ways. The key to achieving next season's look is in the draping and tailoring of the garment. We're talking really nice fitted pieces in lovely fabrics, showcasing your silhouette. You will see flowy chiffon, sheen satin, and even sequence for a day to evening look. Layers will be interesting, providing depth and softness at the same time. If you don't like dresses or skirts, start working yourself into it now because this is a serious focus from designers. Pretty knee-length floral and patterned dresses. Accented hosiery and tights will still play a role with cool, chic dresses and skirts that hit above the knee. In general though, the skirt lengths will fall mostly at the knee. Longer skirts will make a comeback (mid-calf) in both casual and business casual attire.

Okay, let's talk color. Enjoy your brights for SS08 because neutrals will dominate the season - mostly grays and blacks. Muted plums, mauves and blues, as well as earth tones, will certainly intermingle with grays and blacks, but dark takes precedence. Belts will, yet again, be everywhere - especially due to a season full of dresses, skirts and jackets. Speaking of jackets, you will find them in all shapes, lengths and sizes. However, make sure they have that tailored look to add sophistication and style. The trench has always been a staple but it will be huge next season.

Stay tuned for your first look at FW08 from brand new designers showcased right here!
More and more magazines are staking their claim on upcoming trends for Spring/Summer '08. Last month, I too added my SS08 predictions to the site. While there are some commonalities between what I have read recently and what I report, I like to stretch my comfort level just a bit (so maybe collaging won't be the deal but it's worth a shot!).

This SS08, belts will be everywhere - I mean everywhere. On dresses, skirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets. Everywhere. Dresses and skirts will mainly be knee length or just a tad over. The look for skirts will be flirty and playful - for dresses, streamlined and elegant. I think some of the muted palette from FW07 will carry over, however, splashes of fantastic color will lend itself well to the basic black and white. I see sunny yellow, vibrant red, and a bright, pretty pink playing key roles. The balance of color is what will really make a statement. I believe our basic black and white will be basic in what only SS08 can bring. I see fresh patterns, such as plaids, being complimented with brilliant color.

Denim in unusual forms will make a comeback. It will take on a young and hip look in tops and trousers. Paint will also make its comeback. However, I am doubtful it will make as strong a statement as denim. Look for art inspired motifs in resort wear and shoes as well as accessories such as purses, sunglasses and necklaces.

I am thrilled to report the marriage of tangerine and turquoise - in just about any combination imaginable ... layered dresses, tops, skirts, bathing suits, shorts and accessories. I am already dreaming of tangerine suede pumps - gotta have 'em! Not sure how serious to take this collaging bit, but you may see unique contrasting textures and prints cut to live together as one (think Ulrike “Uli” Herzner from Project Runway Season 3).
I see jackets and coats continuing to make a big statement. Cinched, pullover, zip up and button coats - short and long. And nothing makes me more happy than buying more of them! I believe the shirt dress will turn into the coat dress next season. Perhaps with a drop waist belt. More carry over statements will be made with belts. I have been previewing belts that have evolved from Spring but use an oversized jewel clasp, which adds a touch of luxe. Belts will be big over jackets and coats, as well as dresses and skirts. An unexpected mix of material (fur, leather, suede, cashmere, shearling) will be another season trend. And mixing dark palettes of black, grey and brown with contrasting splashes of lighter shades, such as ivory or winter white, will make its way to the runway. We may even see some ski-inspired looks next season with experimental materials. I previewed some transitional looks that weave in a high-tech, futuristic style with sporty undertones using materials such as PVC, nylon and other heat fused fabrics. An emphasis will be placed on outerwear - neoprene vests, half-sleeved jackets and quilted metallic puffers.

Some must have accessories will be stirrup leggings (yikers), two-toned sunglasses and handbags in patent leather and latex (see, patent is still going to be big - which gives me the A-OK to run out and buy the black patent leather Michael Kors big bag that I have been eyeing for ions!).

Needless to say, the Fall/Winter season will bring some quirkiness and originality to our wardrobes! Enjoy!