dennisbassofurOn such cold days, I would prefer nothing more than to be wrapped up in a little Dennis Basso.

The well known furrier has fast become one of my favorite designers. His luxe ready-to-wear collections caught my attention the second he hit the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2007.

It's not just his furs. Though, when you've been at it for nearly 30 years, you're bound to be top of the heap. His spring 2012 collection is absolutely and perfectly stunning! My favorite garment that graced the runway last September was, in fact, his ombré dress. Above and beyond!

But as of right now, I want warmth. In Basso doses! Just like this.

I loved everything on the Spring 2012 runway for Celine. Though, I have to admit I was most smitten with the wristwear. The fabric and hardwear are bold, yet simple. I'll take one in every color, please!

Only the seriously fierce need try on.

After having lunch with the maestro of make-up today, Jason Cecil introduced me to a designer that deserves a bit more of my attention. Talk about spectacular detail within a minimalistic foundation. From intersecting zippers in the form of a cross to shiny gold armor to flashes of cobalt blue, Gareth Pugh knows how to stimulate the senses!

Not just Gothic black anymore, Pugh's fall 2011 collection presented jaw-dropping looks. A few of my favorites include this zipper dress, gold sequins paneled dress, black sheath with attached cobalt blue cape and leggings with bold shimmering gold against black. I have no doubt these runway statements will inspire some attitude and edge this season.

Another highlight for Charlotte, NC — a visit with Jack Alexander, Producer of the Oscar de la Renta Runway Experience! On Monday night, the Mint Museum Auxillary put on an amazing event, A Passion for Fashion, in celebration of its 40th anniversary of the Historic Costume and Fashionable Dress Collection, in addition to the 75th anniversary of The Mint Museum. To top it off, we had the pleasure of reliving the epic evening with Oscar de la Renta through the ingenuity of Jack Alexander.


Of course it was a fashionable affair! Most exciting, aside from sharing the evening with Jack and the Mint Museum Auxillary, was the release of the exclusive publication Oscar de la Renta: Fashion and Design at The Mint Museum. With the gorgeous cover model, Ajang Majok, comes fond backstage memories from The Art of Style event. This beyond spectacular dress could only be worn by Ajang (literally, it didn't fit another model), and she owned it. Fierce! The fashion show would not have gone off without a hitch if it weren't for the masterful coordination efforts of Franklin Headen. What an honor it was to be a part of that moment in Charlotte's history.

Photos: Franklin Headen, Jack Alexander and Becky Headen; book cover featuring Ajang Majok; Becky Headen and yours truly; again with Erica Hanks and Franklin Headen

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