julesreidjewelryAs prints continue from summer to fall, you will definitely want to add a piece of Jules Reid to your wardrobe. Everything Jules Reid is unique and special. From tops to tunics to dresses to furs to jewelry — vintage and vintage-inspired treasures.

To top it off, so many über fabulous pieces are on sale. Sale! Crazy good sale, as in 30%. You have to check it out.

Just the other day, I was chatting it up with my super stylish friend, Jules. I'm trying to get her to Charlotte for a trunk show soon. I adore her work and you will, too.

So stay tuned, Charlotteans. Until then, visit the Jules Reid online sale. You'll be happy to did.

katemouseThis has to be one of the best graphic tees I have set my eyes on. Kate Moss. AKA, Kate Mouse.

I'm not sure how quickly this t-shirt sold out, but the cause was as fabulous as the 'Simeon Farrar for the Japanese Red Cross' design. Fifty perfect of all proceeds were donated to the Japanese Red Cross earthquake appeal.

Growing up with an art teacher mother, Simeon Farrar loved drawing from a very young age and went on to study Fine Arts. He describes the experience as ‘fantastic!'

For Simeon, fashion was an evolution of fine art. He says,
I just saw t-shirts as canvases ... more space for my prints.
The fashion world immediately took to Simeon's sketches and bold prints. His art t-shirts turned into fashion and Simeon turned into a designer.

Photo from Net-a-Porter
One of my heroes, Charlotte Olympia, certainly gives us a lot to look forward to. Fall shoes and then some!

From the Domino Pandora clutch and pink Dolly heel with detachable ruffle anklet to the glitter Priscilla and teal Zelda heels. Talk about personality! It's all about the feet and I'm all in.

This time of year, pre-fall prep is in full force — purging closets, wardrobe planning, putting transitional outfits together and shopping. And I love every bit of it.

Evidently, Maison Scotch loves fall as much as I do. After reviewing the FW12 Lookbook, I am ready to drape my body in layers. The prints, textures and clean lines have me screaming for more.

While client fall planning started in July, the months of August and September tend to be the busiest of the season. And this überly cool line from Maison Scotch is a great place to start!

Transitioning from season to season is easy when you know what to integrate into your outfits. Maybe it's one smart accessory. Like a pair of shoes!

This just seems to be the perfect 'summer into fall' pair of shoes. Sharp and chic. Ruthie Davis got it right.

From Rebook to UGG Australia to Tommy Hilfiger. After a successful career reinventing some of the most recognizable footwear and fashion companies, Ruthie Davis entered the luxury footwear market. Launching in 2006, Ruthie's designs are known for their architectural shapes and luxurious mix of materials. Her fall 2012 collection is tough, modern, sexy, sporty and edgy. A shoe for every mood!

So until the temperatures drop, look to your feet to set the pace.