As Tibi is one of my favorite affordable labels, I was excited to attend the runway show in NYC on Sunday night. I was curious to see Amy Smilovic’s interpretation of Asia circa 1980s. The music was great, the models were beautiful and the collection was feminine, yet strong. The tassel details and vibrant colors made the collection, as well as the mix in structured versus relaxed pieces. What I didn't care for were the drape pants and skirts - and especially the jodphur pants (read: MC Hammer). I also found the mandarin dresses a little predictable.

If you've ever wondered what it looks like inside the tent, I captured a few pictures (before my battery died). I would imagine every girl dreams about attending Fashion Week, so I consider myself fortunate to have been invited to attend. Were there celebrity sightings? Of course! Look for those next week in my special Fashion Week wrap up report.


The four dresses below capture the essence of the literal design. However, the tassel detail in the belting was flattering and visually exciting. I love the pairing of green and orange - very fresh and unexpected.


Although a lot of draping was found amongst many designers (we'll get to that next week), Tibi did it in a way like no other. And unfortunately, that's not a compliment. Most body types cannot pull this off, nor would want to.


I truly enjoyed the show - it started the week off on the right foot! Look for more exciting show reports this week and next. And don't miss my special wrap up report.

Note: Images gathered from above two photo groupings are for commenting purposes only, from Getty Images.
If you ever doubted that fashion impacts feeling, take a closer look. What you wear tells a story and allows you to express how you feel, depending on your mood. Whether it's jeans and a T-shirt with some kickin' boots or a slinky dress with stilettos, you can't help but share your style with the world. Let me ask you a question: When you pick out your ensemble for the day or evening, can you anticipate how people will respond to you? You should be able to. We all know how good it feels to walk into a room and make a positive impression. And sometimes, it's confidence that makes the outfit. In fact, having a keen sense of who you are and how you want to express yourself through fashion creates your own personal style. Now that's power! Speaking of the power of confidence, look at how a feminine design can translate into a strong and sexy statement. Featured here, Selma Karaca not only knows how to dress a woman, she also knows how to evoke emotion. I can't get enough of her designs.


So think about what statement you want to make tomorrow morning when you get dressed. And enjoy every second of how it makes you feel.
I am always seeking new designers to provide the bridge to what is realistic from a style standpoint and what is affordable. Check out these looks - anything from fun lingerie and thigh-high socks to a simple white bathing suit and clothing staples that are seasonless. What's so great about the clothing featured here is that it's stunningly simple, timeless and feminine.


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention all the fabulous accessories that really make an outfit. You don't have to count for me, I realize there are more shoes than anything else ... but that makes sense for me, right? I just had to throw in the sequined teller-tube handbag and the leather leg gloves - so unique. And the in-home compost system! Who knew?


Designers featured here: Naturemill, Inc., Andrea Corson, Anna Cohen, carrie.scott, Ginta Siceva, Kristen Aronsson, BelleBika, St. Tropez Leisure, Charmone Shoes, Ali Ro, We Love Colors, and Ines' Gloves. Contact me for information on how to connect with these designers.
thisCertainly I understand that models do not wear undergarments on the runway. However, designers can make crucial mistakes if they lack attention to details. The finer details, if you catch my drift. Case in point, while previewing FW08 fashion, I was taken aback by this. Here is a stunning model showcasing a beautiful ensemble.

Check out the detail of the top - gorgeous ruffles at the neck and a cut to show off the shoulders. Soft satin skirt against the dark belt and tights. Love the look! But who can get past the double bullseyes? Darts anyone? I won't name the designer, but I think you'll agree that this look is cheapened when presented this way. We all remember Alexandra Kerry's huge mistake. Seriously, we don't need to see this.