christy-turlington-escadaEarlier this year, Christy Turlington Burns signed a contract with Escada to represent their line. And since then, has breathed new life into the label. For one, I am head-over-heels in love with this dress. But then again, look who's wearing it. Christy happens to be one of my all time favorite models. ctbShe has a very natural way of expressing herself, making fashion beautiful. And has she even aged?

I am really excited by what I am seeing in Escada's Fall collection. Take a look at these two looks. Let's start with the bottom and go up. I have always had a thing for over-the-knee boots (unfortunately, I don't have the legs). These boots rock! Then there's the simple, yet beautiful dress (featured left) which is owned by the neck piece (another one of my obsessions). And talk about gorgeous detail and color - the ruffle blouse (featured right) is amazing. Look at the sleeves!


I grew up very close to Escada, as it was one of my mother's favorite lines. I remember touching every single piece while my mom was trying garments on, admiring them all the while. For the longest time, I associated the line with my mom (classic and sophisticated). However, over the last several years, the line hasn't been one to write home about. And now - I never imagined desiring the line at my age. But here I am! Kudos to you, Escada (and Christy).

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