You got the sneak peak at Jimmy Choo for H&M last month. Now, just weeks before it hits the store, check out more of the line sure to excite the masses.

Speaking of the masses, it’s a good thing that H&M is only launching the collection in 200 stores. I can already see the lines and feel the chaos. As much as I’m excited about its offering, I am not one to put myself in crazy situations like that. However, if you plan to be one of the millions to brave H&M on the 14th this month, choose your items wisely. In order to avoid looking like everyone else on the streets, skip the clothing and go for the accessories only. Pick one pair of shoes (not four), one belt and one piece of jewelry. This way, you can utilize these inexpensive pieces to accent your personal style. Who doesn’t want a little Jimmy Choo?

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