stripeswimsuitBy this time each year, I'm ready to pack away my swimsuit. Especially since my fall boots arrived today from Italy (woohoo!).

However, when your bathing suit looks like this, there's reason to let summer linger a bit longer.

I am a big mix-it-up bathing suit kind of gal. It's exciting, unexpected and just plain fun. I don't even mind if it doesn't make sense.

So with those last minute beach escapes or trips to the lake, commit to spicing things up. It will ensure a sweet summer ending.

Photo by Barbara Czartoryska
Since my mind is already on vacation, I might as well put together a swimsuit ensemble to wear while on said escape. This Gucci suit, and all its accoutrements, is crisp-alicious goodness! Simple style can be so refreshing. And tuning out with a little music, hiding under a hat and sunglasses, keeps the scene serene. Of course, no sun on the skin without a good coat of zinc oxide sunscreen.

Another upcoming trip to the lake. This, undoubtedly, means I won't be wearing much more than a bathing suit. Based on the length of stay, more suits are definitely in order. Can you say end-of-season shopping?

Last week, I stopped by the mall to take advantage of the 50% off swimsuit sale, knowing that stocking up would pay off for years down the road. Of course, only if I struck it rich. Which I did!

Mixing tops + bottoms takes the stress off of finding the perfect suit. And, it allows for creativity. Sticking to the core fundamentals, I came home with 2 black bottoms and 1 cobalt blue bottom plus 2 multi-colored print tops and 1 black/white top. Nine combinations ... just from the new pieces I bought. Add this to my pink tie-dye bikini and my black/white striped tankini, and I have more swimsuit pairings than I have ever had in my entire life!

Tomorrow threatens temps in the triple digits. Holy hotness! Guess what I'll be wearing? Yep, a bathing suit (though, I will not be looking this fly in it). You can catch me hanging out in the cool water, for quite possibly, the entire day.

How will you stay cool?

Photo by Steven Chee

It's bathing suit season. Whether we are ready to admit it or not. If you didn't go all in for selection in January, then just plan on the mix + match for the time being.

As I told my nieces recently, teenagers are all about mixing tops with completely different bottoms. It makes for conversation, right? Think outside of the box ... if you can't find the perfect suit, that is. Nothing wrong with trying something new from time to time.

So, if you don't have the killer suit (below), how about taking that top from years ago and buying new bottoms in a vibrant color this year? Why not?


Photo by David Gubert

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