I have such brow envy it's not even funny. Christie hears me talk about it often, as she has awesome brows. She can do practically anything with them, too. When thin, sleek and arched is in - she's there. When thick and serious is in - she's there. Because she can. And I am jealous. See, I don't have much to work with. In fact, my eyebrows are translucent and you would never even know they were there unless I dyed them. On top of having barely there brows, they are low hanging. With lengthening mascara, my lashes touch my eyebrows. Trust me, I am not bragging. In fact, well over a year ago I was told by two spa professionals (shout out to you "N" -- my favorite spa ever!) that I should consider a brow lift. A brow lift at my age, preposterous!

I have my mom to thank for my eyebrows. Of course, you would never know that by looking at her now (wink, wink - love you mom!). I had to dredge up old pictures just to confirm I was not adopted (remember those days, mom?). Low and behold, I am not adopted and these are in fact the eyebrows I was born with. So ... what to do?

Here's what I know. I know you should never over pluck your eyebrows. Thinner eyebrows age you. As I am so lacking in this department, I am pretty sure I would do just about anything for some brows (think Fear Factor). Eyebrows are such a distinguishing feature on a woman’s face. I catch myself staring at eyebrows on every woman I know. I do ... just watch where my eyes go next time we're having a little face-to-face chat. However, I have learned to make the most of what I have. I avoid waxing, as my skin is so sensitive. Even a week without my retinoid, waxing still rips my skin to shreds. After studying the “how to” of brow grooming, plucking became an easy thing for me to do. About a year ago, I decided to simplify my life by dying my eyebrows (brilliant move!). It’s one less thing to worry about in the morning. It takes 5 minutes and it’s so low maintenance ... touch ups every 3-4 weeks, that's it. I do not pencil in the thin areas, though I probably should. Since I have become dye happy, I have dyed my mother-in-law's eyebrows as well as my sister's ... pretty good job, if I do say so myself.

For those of you who love pencils, I like Shu Uemura's eyebrow pencil. It's soft and easy to use and has a brush at the opposite end. I like Guerlain's colors a lot. Bare Escentuals has a great brow powder that's a snap to use. I find that powders are more realistic looking than pencils. What I really want to try is Anastasia's Brow Fix. It's a colorless brow gel that's supposed to keep your brows in place.

If you decide to dye, just remember to steer clear of anyone in the house until you're done. My son walked in on me and the "slimy caterpillars" on my face frightened him. Of course I laughed!