James Read, I think I love you.

You know I'm not one to keep secrets, so I have to shout this from the rooftops!


James Read makes me feel beautiful. Radiant. As the World's leading tanning expert, he has created something truly revolutionary. As many self tanning products as I have tested, I have never found one particular line that hit the nail on the head. Each and every product is perfection. The color is magnificent and it's easy to achieve with, get this, no yucky processing smell. I know that is hard to believe. Even some of my favorite self tanners are a little smelly, but I deal because the results are worth it. Well, not only are the results gorgeous with James Read, but the formula allows for a super quick dry, no staining and is practically mistake free! And did I mention the color? Delicious bronze. Really. No orange.

James was the UK’s first expert to put self tanning and skin finishing techniques into the spotlight. He drew on his experiences in salons,  magazine shoots, backstage at shows and in celebrity suites at award ceremonies to develop a concise line-up of innovative tanning and tan-related products suited for every skin tone. If you haven't tried them, you are seriously missing out. My favorites are the Day Tan Body, Liquid Bronzer and Bronzing Mousse. The mitt definitely brings a professional touch. 

If you've met James, then you are already in love. If you haven't, run over to Jeffre Scott or order online.

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