When you meet someone so terrific, you just have to share. And when you experience stellar customer service, there's even more reason to shout it from the rooftops!

glowcharlottegingerGinger Moss, owner of Glow Charlotte, is one of the warmest individuals I have met. In fact, I feel like I've known her for years. She is so comfortable and easy to be around, which is important considering you'll be modeling your birthday suit in front of her.

Last week, I went in for the infinity sun spray tan. I wasn't sure what to expect, as I have never had anyone apply self tanner to my body other than myself. As instructed, I wore baggy clothes and flip flops. While most go totally naked in the spray room, I opted to wear the paper thong (call me modest). The process was fairly quick. Ginger sprayed all areas of the body and face twice. A couple things to note: don't do a heavy duty upper body workout prior to spray tanning, as you have to hold your arms up for a long time. Also, make sure you have warm, sunny thoughts running through your head since it can get a little chilly while drying under the fan.

I left bronzed and happy! And, a little nervous. After 7 hours, even though advised not to, I took a shower. I wanted to see what my tan looked like without the bronze powder on top. (I tell you this because I wish I hadn't.) The longer you stay away from the shower, the deeper your tan. Thankfully, I am still glowing 7 days later.

I contemplated not having my face sprayed because I don't like color on my face (you get used to being pale after all these years). However, it's best to do all over since your neck would be a dead giveaway. Even though the spray formula for my face was lighter than my body, it took some getting used to. In fact, I have another confession: I exfoliated my face more than 4 times to get to a lighter color. It was then perfect for me, with the natural pink undertones that I have. I love how simplified my make-up routine is in the mornings now!

So, what does everyone think of my tan? Ironically, most don't notice. I take that as a great sign, though. It means that my tan is totally believable and natural! My family, of course, noticed. I think they are a little jealous of my faux glow. I loved showing off my skin at the Merry Mixology event. I was the color of Lisa Sherry and a bit darker than Jeffre Scott, where normally I'd be the pasty white one. Love that!

My Glow Charlotte experience was fantastic and I know yours will be, too. Couldn't be better timing, too, with the holidays — where you'll be baring your skin for all the events and cocktail parties.

Aside from spray tanning, Glow Charlotte offers airbrush foundation, GLO Minerals make-up and other beauty products. Visit Ginger today ... and get glowing!

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