tealnailpolishDon't ask me why, but everyday I see Spring. I am inspired by what is waiting to bloom. While Fall is my favorite season (Winter not far behind), I am ready for Spring. So, today I pampered myself with a pedicure, channeling Spring green. My version was more of a teal-y green. And I was not afraid!

I cannot explain what pulled me to this color. However, I will tell you that I could not peel this polish from my hands. Never in a million years have I been drawn to a nai polish of this color. I am your typical red toe gal. In the last year, though, I have played around with forest green, navy, pewter, deep purple and more! Granted, our toes are mostly covered this time of year. If I change my mind about this color next week, I can change it. Not that much of a commitment. It sure is fun, though. Taking my shoes off to this color. Spreading my teal toes on my yoga mat. It's like this little secret that can't wait to get out.

Whatever it takes to make you smile, go for it. Heck, maybe I'll color my hair red tomorrow!

Recently, I was introduced to butter LONDON nail lacquers. I love the website. I love the packaging. And I love that the line is non-toxic - 3 Free means no Formaldehyde, no Toluene and no DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). The brand exudes British elegance with a hint of rock and roll. No doubt you will be intrigued by more than the names of the nail lacquers. You will swoon over the colors.

royal-navy-butter-londonWhile navy has been done before, it has not been done quite like this. Trust me. Royal Navy, by butter LONDON, is the yummiest blue I have ever come across. It’s rich, lush and true to its name - royal. The problem with most navy blues? They are so dark that you miss the sophistication that navy offers. I don’t want my blue to look black. I want my blue to look blue. Butter LONDON’s Royal Navy is a classic navy blue that stands proud. It’s simply gorgeous.

british-racing-greenAnother amazing color on nails is hunter green. A while ago, my daughter picked out a hunter green nail polish while we were out shopping. Although I was initially reluctant, I bought it for her anyway. What I didn’t anticipate was wearing it myself! Once I painted my daughter’s fingers and toes, I had to do mine. I couldn’t believe how flattering the color was. So when I saw butter LONDON’s British Racing Green, I had to give my daughter props! Then I tweeted about it and got all my friends inspired by green nail polish!

A big fan of color, my recommendation is to experiment. Why not? They invented nail polish remover, after all. If you don’t like the shade, move onto the next. And you must check out butter LONDON. Color euphoria.

A couple of weeks ago I received one of the best pedicures I have ever had. In keeping with the excitement of it all, I decided to take a departure from my normal color (red). So, I went with OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark (dark purple). opi-colorI liked it at first, simply because it was so different for me. However, after a few days, I thought that perhaps it was a better color for fingers versus toes. And then after a week, it just needed to go. It made me feel a bit Halloweenish, or even goth. In circumstances such as these, I wish that making a quick color change was as easy as waving a magic wand. Don’t you know that in the not-too-far-off future, it just may be.

A team of chemists at the University of California recently identified a way to change pigments in a liquid. Made of the iron oxides commonly found in mineral make-up, the polymer-embedded pigments can be instantaneously and reversibly manipulated by a magnetic field. In other words, the nail polish that goes on pink could be shifted to a new shade - say burgundy, charcoal or beige - and back again when exposed to a variable magnetic force. Conceivably, the technology could work on any liquid cosmetic made with iron oxide pigments, including lip gloss, foundation and more. Just imagine.

Because we are not there yet, it gives me the excuse to go out and get another phenomenal pedicure by Jane. This time, I’m going pewter. Hey, if I don’t like it, another pedicure is in order, right?

images.thumbnailYes, it's January and here we are discussing toes. Your feet have to look fabulous in those shoes, after all. Even if they are closed toe heels or booties. In my travels last week to Dallas, I received a wonderful pedicure which got me thinking ... our toes deserve to look pretty year round.

Here's how to ensure the perfect pedicure:
  • Pipeless footbaths: pipes cause bacteria to get caught in the jets. Ask your salon about their footbaths before stepping in.
  • Sterilized tools: it's very important that the tools have soaked for at least 10 minutes
  • Exfoliation: getting all the dead, dry skin off takes effort from the technician. No razor tools, opt for a buffer with a metal surface. At night, apply a lotion with at least 18% glycolic acid.
  • Avoid ingrown nails: the technician shouldn't snip or file your nails more than necessary down the side wall. Go for square top nails with slightly rounded edges.
  • Flip-Flops: even though you think your nails are dry, it can take hours (sometimes up to 4 on a humid day). Wear your flip-flops out of the salon and for several hours after to ensure polish perfection.
  • Maintenance: take care of your pedicure in between your next one by applying a topcoat polish twice a week. A good pedicure should last three weeks.
So go out and get that pretty pedicure! Snow or no snow.