oxbloodnailsLast fall, oxblood lips were all the rage. Matte, of course.

This year, you'll see more of that. However, it will also win over the hands and feet of many. 

One particular nail polish on my list is Deborah Lippmann's Dark Side of the Moon. Its deep, rich color has me dreaming of cold nights, wrapped up in layers, wearing my favorite scarf and boots. Perhaps even attending a local football game.

Hot, humid days and nights are still among us. But there's no reason why we can't prepare for fall. Closets are ready to transition. Mindsets are ready to embrace.

It's just a matter of time at this stage of the game.

From the moment I fell into Pinterest, I've been a bit obsessed with the unbelievable manicures I've come across. So much artistic detail. Like this matte neutral nail color tipped with foil (looks more chrome/pewter to me than gold). It's taking the French manicure to a new level. I am not well versed in nail décor, but I bet you could achieve a similar look with a metallic nail lacquer as the tip.

No doubt, I'll be taking this picture to the nail salon on my next visit.


Photo from Pinterest via Saifou

The other day, I was breezing through Pinterest and stumbled upon these fabulous nails. Navy and gold — love! Classic, chic and oh so stylish.

Never before have I "decorated" my nails with detail. It's always solid color, though I'm not afraid of experimenting there. In the spirit of being bold, I set off to the nail salon today to have my nails done up. While the gold line isn't as thin as my inspiration photo, my fingers and toes are happy. And they are ready for my black tie event this weekend.


Photo from Pinterest via Saifou

Oh how will I go on?


Yesterday ended our football season. And by our, I mean my son's. First round playoffs took place yesterday on home turf. We showed valiant effort, but alas, we will not be advancing to the second round next weekend. And I am in complete withdrawal.


I am so invested in this team. These boys. Sure, I've been team mom before for other sports. But truly, team mom for a 7th grade football team is a full-time job within itself. I styled and performed as team mom in tandem. I rarely missed a practice (we started in July). I never missed a client. Somehow, it all worked.

tomfordnailsSo, now that I am not up to midnight, every night, working through the details and devising emails, you'd think I'd be rejoicing. Instead, I am drowning my end-of-season sorrows in a glass of wine (a really nice one, albeit).

However, I'll bounce back.

In fact, after scouring the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book I found many indulgent things to help forge my way out of this funk. While I'm always down for a pair of shoes, one thing, in particular, made me stop and think 'would I ever really need that?' But wrapped up all pretty, my wined-up self thought, 'well maybe.'

At $480, it's nail luxe.

Photos by Emre Guven and Neiman Marcus

From the bold and beautiful to the pale and innocent, I have fallen for these nail colors of the season. While I have quite a collection of shades, these three will be welcome additions.

The first on my list is Jin Soon in Risque — a rich blackberry sure to cause a stir! Next is Zoya in Paloma, a fuchsia-berry, perfect for any festive occasion. And a seriously flattering nude for most skin tones is LCN in Paris Chic, an easy everyday uncolor.