With my busy schedule, professional manicures/pedicures have become an infrequent event in my life. Which makes me sad. However, it's my current reality. In this frenzy, I have nailed, literally, a fresh look in seconds. My secret? Sheen and sparkle. One or the other. And it works every time.

I lean on two similar, but different, looks from week to week. It takes seconds. Thank goodness, as that's all I have these days. Butter LONDON's Hen Party is a sheer, opal nail lacquer that I slap under a matte finish (also butter LONDON). It's smart, crisp and on trend. My other go to is Deborah Lippman's Whatever Lola Wants, inspired by the twinkle in the eyes of Kelly Ripa’s daughter. It's a shimmering lilac that goes bold with layers. I happen to prefer one simple coat for innocent sparkle.

I couldn't live without these hard workers.


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