tealnailpolishDon't ask me why, but everyday I see Spring. I am inspired by what is waiting to bloom. While Fall is my favorite season (Winter not far behind), I am ready for Spring. So, today I pampered myself with a pedicure, channeling Spring green. My version was more of a teal-y green. And I was not afraid!

I cannot explain what pulled me to this color. However, I will tell you that I could not peel this polish from my hands. Never in a million years have I been drawn to a nai polish of this color. I am your typical red toe gal. In the last year, though, I have played around with forest green, navy, pewter, deep purple and more! Granted, our toes are mostly covered this time of year. If I change my mind about this color next week, I can change it. Not that much of a commitment. It sure is fun, though. Taking my shoes off to this color. Spreading my teal toes on my yoga mat. It's like this little secret that can't wait to get out.

Whatever it takes to make you smile, go for it. Heck, maybe I'll color my hair red tomorrow!

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