You don't. At first. And then, it's as natural as one coat of amber colored mascara. My story begins here.

I moved to a new city nine months ago. While this type of transition can be difficult, nothing is as excruciating as replacing the perfect hair stylist. Don't ask me why, but I've always had a thing for owners. Completely by default. It was always just a natural hook up. A friend of a friend's recommendation and then, poof, he's mine! So you can imagine how hard it was for me to leave Chris. After a seven year relationship, the only advantage of moving is the ability to play the field. I am sure you agree, this sort of thing is analogous to dating.

So, I've been "dating" stylists (only two) here in my new city for months. First there was Amy. She was great, in the beginning. And while she can cut hair like nobody's business, she lacks the listening skill, which is ever so important when discussing one's hair. The first date involved just a trim - easy feat. Second, cut and highlights. I asked for no stripes, just a beautiful blend of natural-looking color. But l left with stripes. The third visit, I was tinkering with the thought of bangs. And against my better judgment, she convinced me that bangs cut straight across my forehead would be sexy (yikers!). So not sexy on me. Let me assure you, that was living hell. And still is, quite frankly. I also expressed my concern about the stripes from the last highlight. But guess what? I left with stripes yet again.

Then there was Edward. I admit, I cheated on Amy in between cuts (clearly, though, two visits did not constitute a relationship). Thanks to Laney, my first visit to Edward was shortly after he opened and involved a simple cut. He has this fabulous salon located in a chic community that offers so much more than haircutting services ... which has me thinking I could spend an entire day here if warranted (think SPA!). I was treated to a lovely scalp massage while being shampooed (I might have dozed off for a minute but I am pretty sure we were having a great conversation, too). He cut and blow dried my hair in 45 minutes ... and I had one of those moments where I thought to myself, hmmm - where can I go today to show off my hair? Edward picked out some shampoo and conditioner for me and a young lady checked me out - or rung me up, whatever. She told me the total and I about fell over. Chris spoiled me for seven years with ridiculously low rates. How was I ever to adjust, I thought. But I happily paid and made my way home. My first thought was, wow, that was a lot. But my second thought (and overpowering, of course) was that Edward made me feel like a woman! And you can't really put a price on that. Besides, he said all the right things. Like how he would color my hair and how to style long, layered bangs (which I had at that time - and he certainly forewarned me against the cut-straight-across-the-forehead type of bangs). On my second visit and after he saw the big bang mistake, he worked his magic and I walked out of there convinced that Edward is the one for me!

Hair is seriously a big deal for women. My friend, Suzie, and I were just talking about this tonight over our pink drink. She pays the same amount. And you know what? It's worth it. So there's your justification.
I came across these pictures posted on last week. Good gracious! I know you see some interesting things on the runway, but one can only hope that this is not an up and coming trend in hair styles.

Sienna Miller is featured here in a Valentino ad ... this updo is almost just as bad. This reminds me of my babydoll named "Chile" (don't ask) from my early years. Poor Chile achieved this exact look as a result of me carrying her around by her hair all day long.

SS07 was all about clean lines and layers - both short and long hair styles. What's on the horizon? FW07 you will see bangs. I have to admit, I want bangs right now. However, I am a little hesitant. Growing my hair out a bit more before making a decision is probably wise. And as luck may have it, I have several weeks until my next scheduled hair cut to mull it over.

I love this look, as seen in BCBGirls Ad Campaign. Long curls will continue to make a statement - soft and wavy or tight. Of course, this is assuming you have the time to style your hair this way each day. On the other end of the spectrum, short hair - in the form of updated styles from the 20, 60s, 70s and 80s - is still a fantastic option to show off the wonderful features on your face.