vogueitalyseptember2007The last several days, with the heat index, have resulted in temps upwards of 106. Holy hotness! Makes me feel like the Wicked Witch of the West at the very moment she cried "I'm Melting, I'm Melting." Days like these, I do feel like I'm melting ... or maybe I just look like I'm melting. Either way, it isn't pretty.

Letting my hair dry naturally provides great waves. However, humidity doesn't play that game this time of year. Instead, those waves become frizzy and puffy.

Last night, I worked a wedding with a very talented photographer I know (my awesome father-in-law), to help style the wedding party photos. Did I mention the wedding was outdoors? Poofy hair was sure to come. I let my hair air dry almost all the way and pulled it back into a ponytail. Thank goodness for the shade and the breeze ... and for getting the hair off my neck. The bride was gorgeous. The wedding, exquisite. And the photos, superb.

As I drove home from the beach last night, I let my ponytail down to discover my hair was still damp. I woke up this morning to the pleasant surprise of perfect, relaxed waves. While I knew those curls would puff up and frizz, the foundation was great for my day on location at a magazine photo shoot. I had the opportunity to style a local celebrity and needless to say, she looked amazingly stunning!

So, instead of banning those puffy, frizzy summer curls ... embrace them! After all, hair like that is showcased on the runway all the time.

Prada knew back in 2009 that right about now, in 2010, summer boredom would kick in with regard to hair. Hello, inspiration! Yes, this is runway. However, who says you can't channel a little runway from time to time.

I love this teased up mess. It's fun and sexy. And while you may spend 2 hours perfecting this style, it will look like you poofed it up in 3 seconds flat, while running out the door.


Tips on how to achieve Prada's Pony Express:

You will need long layers. They should be long enough to pull back into a ponytail and bangs should reach to the cheekbones. Apply a thickening hairspray to the roots to give hair volume and stickiness so that it will hold.

Giddy up, pony!
summerhairSome days, you just need a little sun on your face.

Thank goodness for days like these. The temperature warm on your skin, a breeze moving things along, and what ... no humidity! Incredible! That was today. It was truly a shame that I didn't spend much time outdoors.

But there's always tomorrow, so I hear. A potential repeat in weather (do I dare say that out loud?). I think I will take a little inspiration from Michael Brennan, Celebrity Hair Stylist (photo featured right), and slick my hair into a high ponytail for the day. Perhaps even wrap a braid around the outside. And what to wear? Simple, something girly and pretty that reminds me of the fun days of summer.

summerhaircare2 Written by Millissa Mathai, Editor in Chief of Haute Mimi International

Summer hair can be tricky. The humidity, the summer sun and incredibly high temperatures can leave your locks a bit frazzled. We went directly to celeb hair stylist, Riccardo Maggiore, from the Riccardo Maggiore Salon, for some great tips to keep hair in shape this summer.

Riccardo Maggiore believes you can have healthy, beautiful hair during the summer months if you know how to properly take care of it. After all, he has styled and tamed Sarah Jessica Parker's glorious mane. Here's the dish ...

Fine Hair
For fine hair, long layers are ideal. The layers will create movement and volume. This is perfect for the hot, summer months.

Wavy Hair
Wavy hair is great for summer. It’s beach hair without even stepping foot on a beach! Work with that texture and use plenty of moisturizer to emphasize the waviness.

Curly Hair
Heavy layers are good for curly hair, too. However, you don’t want to over-layer the hair. It should be cut long enough to achieve the desired style.

Thick Hair
For thick, straight hair, increase layers to achieve more movement. Thin the hair out in order to accomplish a look that heavy hair sometimes will not allow.

How can you avoid a scalp/part burn?
Try to avoid parts in your hair all together. Use a fashionable headband or scarf to slick hair back. If you must part your hair, use a sun specific product with a UV protectant, which contains sunscreen agents to protect hair from damaging UV rays.

What's the best way to deal with summer dryness?
Summer sun and heat can cause major dryness to hair. The key is to moisturize. Put tons of moisture in your hair. Use moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners – anything that will maximize moisture.

If you plan to hit the beach or pool, apply oil or a product with SPF to the hair. This will create a “seal” that will protect and prevent salt water, chlorine or sun to penetrate and cause damage.

What's the best way to deal with summer frizzies?
Find a product that will help combat frizziness while offering a radiant luster and eliminating the frizzies + static electricity.

How can you best control curls during the summer?
The best way to control natural curls is to use products that moisturize. Use a moisturizer, like a leave-in conditioner, to produce long, flowing curls, and a heavy product (like a gel) to produce tighter curls.

While this season’s fashion is inspired by the 80s, a hunger for the 60s is certainly present. Sixties fashion was fabulous. Well, parts of it, that is. For women, the early part of the decade showcased pastel colored suits and cropped, boxy jackets. Shifts, stilettos, go-go boots and the audacious fabric known as PVC came out mid decade. And the late 60s … enter the hippie — from fringed buck-skin vests to flowing kaftans to gypsy skirts. For men, aside from the typical suit and tie, turtlenecks made a huge impact, as did the nehru collar, drainpipe pants and, one of my unfavorite prints, buffalo plaid. When suits were worn, the jackets had narrow lapels and the ties were tapered.

Can we talk hair? Women’s styles were coming off of the bigness that was the 50s and into the simplified, thanks to Vidal Sassoon. From geometric to asymmetric to the ever-(and still)-popular bob. With each passing year, men’s hair styles grew at a breakneck pace. From crew cuts to Beatles-inspired hair to hippie hair, men had some hair. With AMC’s provocative drama, Mad Men, which is set in the 60s, comes a new hair product for men inspired by this era. AXE’s new Smooth & Sophisticated Look shine pomade gives men the opportunity to replicate the mad men look. Do you think season 3’s Jeffrey Graves would dig it?


This nifty styling pomade is available at your local Wal-Mart this month. Go ahead, slick your hair back. The ladies will still be able to run their hands through it. Thanks to AXE and their new Mad Men-inspired product, guys everywhere can get shiny hair with long-lasting control for a smooth, polished look.