This week, I am scheduled for a hair cut. And boy, do I need one! My hair has never been longer. It's a couple of inches beyond my bra strap.

While it's been exciting to see it grow, I am desperate for a new do. If I had the guts to go short, this is what I would do. How chic is this?


Alas, I don't. More importantly, everyone I have asked 'how short do I go?' has cautioned against taking much length off at all. Oh man! All I need is 50% agreement and I'd cut at least 5 inches off. My hair would still be past my shoulders.

I guess I should take baby steps. Edward, if you have any ideas, I am open.

Photo: Harper's BAZAAR March 2011

audrinapatridgeSpecial events call for special hair. And I can't imagine an event where the chignon wouldn't be an awesome option.

It's one of those styles that once secured, stays put throughout the night. While it might look high maintenance, it certainly doesn't act high maintenance.

I love this messy chignon on Audrina Patridge. It's just gorgeous. If my hair could look like this in the care of my own two hands, I would wear the chignon once a week (or more).

It's timeless, elegant and oh so chic!

Speaking of fabulous hair, I am most excited about working with one of my clients this week on a new look for the new year! After a little closet purging, we are heading off for hair and make-up! And then we'll celebrate the new look with some shopping! Not all in one day, though. Phew! Super fun.
kcshorthairThe new year always brings temptation to make changes. What changes lie ahead for you and your personal style?

One simple game changer —a new hair style! A fresh new do makes you feel like a million bucks in an instant.

The jury is still out for me, personally. However, I am taking notice of the short shag styles worn by so many these days — Helena Christensen, Jessica Alba, Kristin Cavallari, Mandy Moore and Kimberly Caldwell, to name just a few. Each have mastered their own take on the shag, while I'm still attempting to master how to make long hair look short.

In this video, Sally Hershberger shows you how to get three great looks out of a short style. Great fun!


hautehairfw2010Just as I master the tousled tendrils look, I see this sleek, yet disheveled, hair style and crave it.


The collection wasn't the only spectacle at the CHANEL Haute Couture FW10 runway show. I was also mesmerized by the hair. It was dreamy. So ... I-just-got-out-of-bed fabulous. Now I wonder how I can achieve this look, other than straightening my hair and sleeping on it. 

There is a good amount of volume and texture, which screams styling products. I think I may whip out my Heated Defense, blow dry my hair straight and use a texturizing balm to make it piecey.

It's so winter, isn't it? I see this hair style paired with a shearling/fur long coat, riding pants, Sorel boots, fuzzy hat + mittens, and, of course, a spot of steaming hot tea!  

Off to try the straight mussed up look!
rodinbyrecinehairoilDon't be fooled by the simplicity of this little bottle. What's inside is pure luxury.

Having reviewed many hair oil products in my day, I can attest to the benefits they provide. Smooth and shiny hair, for one. However, this unique elixir does something I have never before witnessed ... it leaves no oily residue. Incredible!

Created by renowned hair stylist Bob Recine, Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil is an aromatic blend of eight essential oils – a rich base of apricot oil fused with calendula, sweet almond, jojoba, sunflower, neroli, rosemary and juniper berry oils.

This is my favorite hair oil to date. It can be used as a scalp treatment, styling aid, brushing treatment and conditioner. And trust me, you'll use it every which way to Sunday. This stuff leaves hair hydrated, healthy and super shiny. It's a guaranteed good hair day!