holiday2011hairHoliday hair time!

If you haven't already thought about it, now is the time to start playing with various hair styles for your upcoming holiday festivities and events.

I am seriously digging this messy almost-not-a-braid side swept look. It will pair perfectly with almost any attire, whether it be formal or casual chic.

While I wore the side swept braid last fall weekly, I think with a little tweaking, I can make it look fresh and different. I have some other favorite hair styles I will try for the holidays, as well.

What hair style will you recreate this holiday?

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scalptonerToner for hair?

Philip Kingsley believes so.

I have been a big fan of Philip Kingsley hair care products since my first introduction over 3 years ago. Some of my favorites include the Scalp Toner, Remoisturising Shampoo + Conditioner, No Scent No Colour Shampoo + Conditioner and Elasticizer (which was created specifically for Audrey Hepburn).

The entire line of Philip Kingsley hair care is devoted to healthy hair, starting at the scalp.

Why Scalp Toner? It promotes a clear, healthy scalp for optimum hair growth, in addition to stimulating blood supply to the scalp. It also helps absorb excess oil and protect against bacteria. A simple step that goes a long way. Literally. The bottle lasts a long time, even with daily use.

Among the wide range of award-winning Philip Kingsley hair care products, you are bound to find the perfect match for your hair type. And you may just wonder how you ever lived without this pretty little toner!
A little bit of fur. A little bit of leather. And some super soft suede. What a fabulous mix of fabric.

For BECCA, it's all about the make-up this fall. Deep, rich browns amidst bronze highlights. Though, I have to admit, I can't get over the hair. I love it! In fact, it inspired me to cut my bangs shorter this past go around. Kudos to BECCA. They did an exceptional job melding make-up, material, mood and hair. I love every inch of this image!


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I am seriously obsessed with this hair style at the moment. It's so Rose Byrne. Unfortunately, I have no idea where this image originated from. Which means, I don't know if a tutorial accompanied it. I may have to lean on celebrity hair stylist (and Twitter friend) Johnny Lavoy. If anyone can put an easy-to-follow video tutorial together, it's Johnny.


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salontechflatiron450I went months (and months) without drying my hair, due to the fact that I could not get my hair smooth enough to wear straight. Talk about frustration.

Granted, in the summer, I tend to let my waviness come out. However, I love smooth, straight hair.

From the very first moment I laid hands on the SalonTech Silicone 450 flat iron, it was love at first glide. This flat iron amazes me, in more ways that one. It heats up in, what feels like, less than 10 seconds (it claims 17 seconds, but I swear it's faster). In fact, it's ready before I am (and it beeps to let me know). The process takes a lot less time and it's easy to use. I love the fact that I don't have to go back over sections of my hair. One and done. And it holds forever.

The Silicone 450 flat iron is 1 inch in width and has three patented silicone bars that hold and guide strands to finish in one pass. A beautiful sheen is left behind (no glossing oil needed). It has an automatic 30-minute shut off, though, I never forget to turn it off.

Professionally smooth hair. Yes, that is my kind of flat iron.