Updos always make it to holiday parties and events. However, for the last two years I have gone for non-dramatic, yet gorgeous sexy, waves. It's a bit easier to manage from a time perspective and it's always well received.

Looking for a good curling technique? Check out this hair tutorial.

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Just recently, I was introduced to a high-end hair care line from Brazil. While I had to do a little translating, the results came without effort. Acquaflora is not yet in the United States, but there is no doubt it will make an impact when it makes its debut.

There are many excellent products from Acquaflora — and formal reviews are to come — but I couldn't wait to share my love for the Nutrição Celular line. This particular formula contains amino acids specifically designed for fragile, brittle and lifeless hair. The scent is divine. In fact, my entire family enjoyed it, as it filled the house in such a delicious way. The shampoo and conditioner combo left my hair shiny, smooth and vibrant. And who doesn't want that?

The unbearably thick summer air not only makes it difficult to breathe, it also zaps every ounce of energy out of me. Not to mention, wreaking havoc on hair.

Why do I bother washing and blow drying my hair when all I do is heat up when outdoors? Pinning it up definitely helps to drop the temperature. But I've gotta keep it interesting by adding a little detail. Like these bumble bee bobby pins. Love.

Cool neck. Chic hair. Happy girl.


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No doubt, summer can take its toll on hair. Sun, heat, chlorine, salt water. You've probably already noticed a difference in the texture of your hair, with many months to go. However, a little preparation and TLC will help protect those beautiful locks, creating a better hair day, every day.


Here are some tips to abide by this season for fabulous hair:

Trim It Up

Keeping hair healthy is even more important during the summer months. Start off the season with a trim and end the season with a trim. And perhaps, one in between.

Cold Rinse

Rinse hair with cool water before you hop out of the shower. Cold water closes the scales, known as the cuticle, that the hair shaft has on its surface. You can also hit the cold button for a minute on your blow dryer once your hair is all the way dry.

Air Dry vs. Blow Dry
Blow dyring can be a mute point in 90+ degree temps. Celebrity colorist Nelson Chan of Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills offers these tips for a styled air dry look: apply a light hold gel, comb through hair and twist it with your fingertips to get a soft curl. For short hair, comb a texturizing paste through wet hair to give body, texture and hold. To get curlier tresses, braid sections of hair, let air dry, then remove the braids. Larger braids produce bigger waves.

Take Cover
Ultraviolet light breaks down the pigment in hair. Cover it with a hat, scarf or umbrella. With slicked back hair being big this season, put a little conditioner on dry hair and comb it back or pull it up. For scalp burners (like me), apply sunscreen along your part line with fingertips or a Q-tip. Dry sunscreens works well, too.

Treat Treat Treat
There are many treatment options for sun-abused hair — from sprays to balms to masks to oils. Many of which can be left on hair overnight for added hydration. Consider pampering your hair at least once a month during the summer.

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ch1redIt's been six months and I'm still a redhead.

While it took me way longer than anticipated to get used to my crazy red hair (seven weeks), I seriously love it and can't imagine going back.

In the beginning of my journey, I thought I'd give red a whirl for a couple months, or at least six. Well, that timeframe has come and gone. And I want nothing to do with my naturally tawny hair.

Red is vibrant. Bold. And as I have been told, matches my personality. My hair color brightens my eyes. It brightens my skin. It's down right fun. Yes, it fades. Faster than any other color. However, I can honestly say I've enjoyed every stage of red.

Contrary to some opinions, I haven't had to make a single adjustment to my wardrobe. Everything in my closet still looks great with red hair. And I haven't shied away from oranges or reds.

I take more pride in my hair. Everyday is a great hair day. With red, you're kind of forced to spend the time to ensure goodness. Before, I waited five months between cut/highlights. What was I thinking? Oh yes, I thought no one noticed. I am certain they noticed. And that will never happen again. Especially while I'm red. Because you can't have frizzy, unshaped, unstyled red hair.

For someone who never changed their hair color, in a drastic fashion, this has been life changing. In such a good way.

I encourage you to take risks. Even if it scares you. Especially if it scares you.