While you may worry not of sprouting gray hair at this moment in time, you can't escape the future reality.

It's going to happen. One day you will find a gray hair (or three) pop up, and you will need a good product to turn to. Fortunately, I have a solution, thanks to one of my California friends. ROOT VANISH by Kazumi is a luxuriously light, all-weather, everyday solution to instantly touch up gray hairs and roots with just one click and swipe. My friend swears by it.

The CEO and Founder of KIWABI, the Japanese beauty brand, partnered with KAZUMI, the highly coveted Beverly Hills and NYC-based master hair colorist, to create ROOT VANISH, a product made to carry you over in between coloring appointments. Brilliant! Featuring 22 + hair and scalp fortifying botanicals from Japan’s exceptional hair care industry, ROOT VANISH by Kazumi is the first non-permanent coloring essential that is free of all things undesired. It leaves no sticky, hardened or crusty residue. There is no color transfer, even in humidity or light rain. And it's 100% safe and healthy for hair and scalp.

Whether you have gray hair now, or just want to cover up your roots in between coloring, take note now. This product will certainly come in handy (thank you, Sylvia)!


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