ch1redIt's been six months and I'm still a redhead.

While it took me way longer than anticipated to get used to my crazy red hair (seven weeks), I seriously love it and can't imagine going back.

In the beginning of my journey, I thought I'd give red a whirl for a couple months, or at least six. Well, that timeframe has come and gone. And I want nothing to do with my naturally tawny hair.

Red is vibrant. Bold. And as I have been told, matches my personality. My hair color brightens my eyes. It brightens my skin. It's down right fun. Yes, it fades. Faster than any other color. However, I can honestly say I've enjoyed every stage of red.

Contrary to some opinions, I haven't had to make a single adjustment to my wardrobe. Everything in my closet still looks great with red hair. And I haven't shied away from oranges or reds.

I take more pride in my hair. Everyday is a great hair day. With red, you're kind of forced to spend the time to ensure goodness. Before, I waited five months between cut/highlights. What was I thinking? Oh yes, I thought no one noticed. I am certain they noticed. And that will never happen again. Especially while I'm red. Because you can't have frizzy, unshaped, unstyled red hair.

For someone who never changed their hair color, in a drastic fashion, this has been life changing. In such a good way.

I encourage you to take risks. Even if it scares you. Especially if it scares you.

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