There are certain things in life that are typical to love, right ... like how I love my family, friends, upbringing, and profession. Then the more secondary things to love like make-up, shoes, clothes, avocado, age (can you believe I said that, Kay?), skin care, hummus, our family Friday night dance parties, dark chocolate and a good workout. And then there are smells that I love ... like the smell of freshly bathed children, cut grass, summer rain, crisp mountain air, mulch, perfume that brings back memories or creates new ones, and my liquid fabric softener. Which got me thinking. Choosing your laundry detergent is sort of like selecting a perfume. Because honestly, you wear your clean, laundered clothes so you kind of have to like the scent.

For me, it's all about the fabric softener. Sure, I like Cheer and All just fine to clean my clothes. However, the smell of fabric softener is almost euphoric to me. I have used the same brand forever. First there was Downy April Fresh (which I still do like). But hello, when Downy came out with the Simple Pleasures line, it was all over. Hands down - Vanilla & Lavender. Funny thing, though, I don't typically go for vanilla or lavender in perfume. Is there a correlation? Should there be a correlation?

So, how do you choose your laundry detergent and/or fabric softener? Is it all about the scent (or no scent, for that matter)? Or does the thought never even cross your mind?