I was recently invited to a complimentary facial and makeover by my Shu MA (make-up artist) at Neiman Marcus. I learned a couple of things along the way that I thought were only fair to pass on. Number one: while it's quite lovely to receive a complimentary facial, when it's given by an MA versus an esthetician - enter at your own risk. I thought I did a fine job of explaining my skin type (sensitive, acne rosacea) and what works best for me. Apparently, not. When my facial was over, I looked in the mirror to find a red, blotchy, itchy, scaly face. Yikers! My face was on fire! Now, it was truly only due to one product (hmmmm, should I name?....and it wasn't Shu) and it was, sort of, my fault for not immediately alerting my MA to this. But nonetheless, you would have thought my sirening face would have given it away. Number two: while getting a makeover is fun and certainly a great way to discover new looks, a young MA may not exactly give you a look you can pull off. Though I LOVED my sultry bronze and gold eyes, I could have gone without the concealer underneath (you have to be so careful on how you apply this to avoid it caking into your fine lines). I could have also gone without the layers of foundation (since I don't wear foundation ... oh yes, that's right - you left my skin red, blotchy and scaly so you had to cover it up). And what's up with failing to apply mascara correctly? Wow, that's never happened to me before.

Again, I shouldn't complain. I received almost two hours of enjoyment (somewhat) and entertainment (for sure). My son and mother-in-law both noticed my new look evidenced by comments such as "you look different." The new tips I learned (eye shadow application suitable for my eye shape, and lining the inside of my top lid) were excellent take aways for me. I purchased well over $200 of new goodies and was on my way...happy!