This interview goes down in history for me. For more than just the incredible, and somewhat unbelievable, fact that I got to meet Susan Posnick in person. But for a far greater reason - Susan's extraordinarily caring nature. Her business purpose is to make a difference in women's lives (as is mine). And I can tell you, she surpasses that expectation.

In December, my father needed emergency surgery. It was a time of utter denial for my family. Without a moment's notice, we caught the next flight to be by my Dad's side. It happened to be the same day of my scheduled interview with Susan. I emailed her the night before to let her know I would need to reschedule due to the circumstances. She promptly replied with concern, offering to help in any way that she could since she happens to live in the same city as my parents. Whoa. Hello Susan - you are a celebrity and you are offering to help me? As soon as I landed, I was picked up by my sisters and off we went to the hospital. After spending the entire day in the waiting room (very anxiously awaiting, do I even have to add), the Doctor delivered fantastic news: the surgery was successful. The next morning my Dad was in excellent spirits. This led me to reach out to Susan to see if, perhaps, we could meet up for a face-to-face interview at some point while I was in town. She immediately replied and our meeting was scheduled for that evening. And here is where the interview begins.

prod_flo.thumbnailMyprod_coloreyedefine1.thumbnail sister, Kelly, accompanied me (she agreed to be my stenographer because, how rude to interview someone without maintaining eye contact). I was nervously excited to meet Susan. She truly is a celebrity in my world. Being the product junkie that I am, I was introduced to my first "Susan" product, COLORFLO, many years ago. And if my memory serves me right, Susan was one of the first, if not the first, to package her fine milled mineral foundation perfectly - in a self-dispensing refillable brush. I have on me, at any given time, a Susan Posnick product. So you can imagine how cool it was for me to say, in the hospital albeit, "look Mom and Dad, I am meeting with her (holding up my COLOREYEDEFINE pencil in Amethyst/Opal)."

susanSusan walked in wearing chocolate cords tucked into kickin' boots and a cream V-neck sweater, which showed off her beautiful, delicate necklace ... an incredible balance of style. Do I even have to mention how gorgeous she is! We ordered a bottle of wine and a cheese tray. Susan's story unfolded. One of which encompasses who she is - a truly compassionate person.

Having been diagnosed with skin cancer on her face, Susan set aside her work in the film and fashion industry in 1999 to focus on developing a product with substantial sun protection. Hence, the launch of COLORFLO in 2001, right before September 11th. This was before infomercials and 800#s ... marketing a new product line was a feat in itself. Many people believed in her vision and her products (including my infamous Jeffre) so it didn't take long for Susan's products to attract the attention they deserved. Susan has a way of making products that simplify our lives, while making us look and feel beautiful. Take her COLOREYEDEFINE - eyeliner and shadow in one; COLORCOATED - mascara and brow gel in one. She targets both the glamour girl who enjoys makeup and the mom waiting in the carpool line to pick up her children. Her products are compact and portable, and they let skin breathe. Susan truly makes beauty simple.

How did Susan begin down this path? After graduating college with a teaching degree, she moved to the Virgin Islands where she worked a 7a-1p schedule, having the rest of the day free. She became friendly with a very talented photographer, who became her mentor. Susan had always been drawn to fashion and makeup, and when she decided to pursue a career in makeup, he brought her to NYC and introduced her to photographers and cosmetic executives to assist her on her journey. There she began her freelance career as one of the early makeup artists for fashion and beauty photography. After living and working successfully in NYC, she decided to head to LA to work in the film industry, but stopped in Dallas, TX to stay with friends. There she met Kim Dawson, who owns the oldest and most prestigious modeling agency in the Southwest, and was put right to work.
"You can't do anything without a great team and support system. And you have to be persistent. When I have an idea, I believe it can be done. Yes, there's a lot of competition. But you have to see past that ... be patient ... and be different."
mascara.thumbnailSusan's schedule demands quite a bit of travel, but don't let her busy life fool you. Her first priority is her 16 year old daughter Hannah, and they spend a lot of time together. What's next? A luxury line. And you bet your bottom dollar I will be the first to test them out. I can barely stand it. You can find Susan's product line in apothecaries, boutiques, spas, medical offices and now in department stores in the UK and Japan. And, of course, online. Once you try her products, you will be a devotee for life.

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