You had me at first swipe!

All day wear, are you kidding me? That's what I thought before I tried this lip stain recommended by a client. Fabulicious it is! One coat provides ample color and lasts forever. Two coats lasts all day. Yes, all day long.

I bought two shades of Stiff Upper Lip, as I wasn't sure which one would suit me best. I am happy to report I love them both! I put lip balm overtop to add modUh onfol.youni}="item96">stass=". hit es({publisicl: "8713b7bf-260f-4e42-8547-9c494c564c89", doNotH On:=close, doNotCopy:=close, h OnAds:" sB"ne=close} js = d.cre Cov osmetics/2a-url="boriv Crep:1px solid #eaeaea; com/myCrep:2css_ppaolorsCrep:1tyle-fil" obe SSSSy-styno,scrfo --> < cf9a49 ow).ontle="Emai />opra.c { /div> cf9a49 cto ie w tityle " /> type>Fasm->linkedost" class="mit" v>linkedarch" clasearcht"texab/li>c> type>Fasm->linke>E-link (, cssff "_bnotcss_butt)