becomelashandbrowextenderWho doesn't want long, lush lashes?

If you weren't blessed with fabulous fringe, don't despair. Great lashes can come from a bottle. A tiny bottle, albeit, that means business.

Become Lash + Brown Extender was designed to help short or sparse lashes and brows grow fuller, longer and thicker. This serum, containing vital proteins, vitamins and moisturizing ingredients, goes on much like a liquid liner at your lash line. Used nightly, you should begin to see a difference within 4 weeks, though results may vary.

I have tried more than five brands of lash enhancing serums over the past two years. I have benefited from all but one. This lash enhancer from Become is, by far, my favorite. I was shocked to see longer and fuller lashes in less than 3 weeks! And for $49, it's the most affordable lash growth formula I have come across!

If you have been waiting to try a lash enhancing serum, look no further. You won't find a better formula or price!

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