I am such a spa girl, though I certainly know how to pamper myself from the comforts of my own home. It's all about transporting yourself to another place, even if for a few moments. We all need it for our sanity, right.

Chesapeake Bay Candle makes it easy to relax and unwind, with beautiful aromatherapy candles and reed diffusers, enriched with essential oils. They are easy on the wallet, to boot!

Create your own spa experience at home. Try one of these essential oils, depending on your desired effect.

signaturecollectionLemon: increases concentration and alertness. It refreshes the mind and removes negative emotions.

Jasmine: natural sedative used to promote sound sleep.

: mood-lifting. Induces happy feelings and supports relaxation.

: encourages sensuality and spirituality.

Cardamom and nutmeg
: relieves stress and supports muscle relaxation.

Cedarwood: creates soothing and calming effects on the mind.

Now go relax in style!

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