Blinc: Resurf.a.stic
This is my new favorite facial exfoliator. Not only is it extremely convenient, it is also effective. It's packaged as a stick that you simply run under water and roll over your face to activate. It's so easy to use, does not make a mess, and leaves your face smooth and hydrated. An A!

Become: Lift and Firm Gel
This body gel was designed to help strengthen skin, detoxify fatty tissue and add moisture. I have to say, my skin felt silky smooth all day long and I noticed a little lift. However, no help on the cellulite front. But let's be honest, cellulite is hereditary (thanks, Mom) and nothing can really make it disappear. Knowing that, the gel rocks from the lifting and smoothing standpoint. B+

Abrione: Hydrodynamic Facial Masque
What an awesome mask! It goes on a gray color that slips right into your skin - you can't tell you have it on. All the while it goes to work nourishing your skin and sloughing away dead, dull surface skin. It contains essential botanical oils like eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, cedarwood, orange and jasmine. My skin looks so refreshed and moisturized after using it - I reach for it a bit more than I should :). So, of course it gets an A.

Neutrogena: Lip Nutrition Honey Rescue Balm
For you Carmex users (yes, my sisters), here is your new lip balm. I, myself, do not care for Carmex, however, this is a step up for sure. It is moisturizing, but it's not the bomb or balm (pun intended). I give this a B-.

no!no!: Professional Hair Removal Treatment
I wanted to love this, really I did. But I am having a hard time coming to terms with the smell of burnt hair. Perhaps if I could bare using the no!no! on a very regular basis, maybe I would get used to the smell and see the results I expected to see. But, unfortunately, I cannot get myself to that point. C.

ProfoundBeauty: Atmosphere Desert Sand hair gel
This is a cool product - two formulas in the container mixed together to create a controllable messy look. You know the look I am talking about. It does a nice job of giving your hair that piecey look without any detection of product. Very nice, B+.

Ken Paves: Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops in Beige
These drops do exactly what they say - boost your hair color. I love the subtle enhancement in my highlights easily achieved by using this product. This gets a B+.

NUDE: Replenishing Night Oil and Advanced Eye Complex
I love what this company stands for - and their products are pretty amazing, too. Nude uses natural and organic ingredients that are biocompatible, such as peptides, phytoactives, bioactives, pre and probiotics. All to strengthen the skin’s natural biology and reduce premature aging, inflammation and dehydration. The packaging (so modern and fresh) is completely recyclable. The Replenishing Night Oil is fantastic - absorbs easily into skin and provides excellent hydration. It contains a pure blend of omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. The Advanced Eye Complex contains milk peptides to stimulate collagen production and CoQ10 to protect against free radical damage. Let me tell you how quickly it depuffs eyes - holy cow! You can seriously feel it. Love the stuff. Both get an A!

shoe.thumbnail Tracy Porter: Star Gazing Stiletto, Kensington Handbag, Rive Gauche Pearl Ring and Peruvian Cuff
Impressed all the way around. From the service to the packaging, and most importantly, to the products. I love every single one of these items. Since I am big on shoes, let me tell you how amazingly fun these are. Just look at them. They are hot! And of course they go with everything. The Kensington Handbag is another stunner, with a hint of metallic. The shape is perfect for my lifestyle and the quality is incredible. The Rive Gauche Pearl Ring and Peruvian Cuff demand attention anywhere you go. Everyone will ask where you got them. Best yet, all of these items are now on sale. An A for all.

Alterna: Caviar Anti-aging Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, Caviar Radiant Smoothing Lotion
What a great combination for a spectacular outcome. The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free and are so nourishing and hydrating. The fragrance is lovely. The smoothing lotion truly does its job for a perfect blow out. An A.

Dr. Christin Rodgers enPOINTE: Adagio Gentle Cleanser and Precision A Serum
The facial cleanser is fantastic! It lathers really nicely, cleans well and leaves skin super soft and hydrated. Contains Yucca Extract to detoxify, Lactic Acid to exfoliate and balance skin, Grapefruit Seed Extract to reduce bacterial growth, and Kiwi Fruit as an antioxidant to nourish and condition skin - A. The serum is packed with great ingredients, as well (Bio-Energy Complex) and is paraben and sulfate-free. However, the formula seems a bit better suited for those prone to oily skin, as it wasn't quite hydrating enough for me - B.

True Religion: Bobby Stretch Denim - The Boss
My new fav jeans. I never thought I could wear True Religion with my figure, but these are great. They have just enough flare to balance me out, plus I love the color and the wash. An A!

Tocca: Brigitte

I have enjoyed a few Tocca fragrances in my past, but this one I do not care for. The saffron, ginger and papaya mix just doesn't work for me. While it also contains sandalwood, which I do like, I can't get past the headache. An unfortunate C.

Costume National: 21
Now this scent is yummy! True to its name, 21 contains bergamot, milk, orange blossoms, saffron, cumin, pepper, cashmere wood, royal jelly, moss, clary sage, patchouli, olibanum, amber, sandalwood, oudh wood, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, tonka bean, vanilla and musk. I get so many compliments when I wear this. If you're local, go see Jeffre, he has it. An A.

bareMinerals: Extreme glimmers mega-watt eyecolors
Whoa. Serious pigment, serious glimmer. But how fabulous if you are out to capture everyone's attention. This is so much fun to play with. Just be careful, it can go on heavy so don't over do it. And make sure to use an eye base. You don't want to end up a glittery mess under your eyes at your holiday party. This gets a B.

Sweet Grass Farm: Soy Candle in Pure Lavendar and Fresh White Lilac Linen Spray This pure soy wax candle burns forever, and doesn't leave a mess behind. The Pure Lavender scent is just wonderful. The Fresh White Lilac Linen Spray immediately freshens up bed linens, as well as the entire room. The scent lasts for days, too. Both get a B+.

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