One of the most exhilarating aspects of my profession as a personal stylist is attending Fashion Week. The runway provides insight into designers’ inspirations and how they interpret the season ahead. For those of you who did not catch the sneak peak on my forecast page months ago, here is the lowdown on what to expect for Spring.

jumpsuitJumpsuits will make a grand entrance this Spring. And while this trend will not be embraced by all, some designers got it right. Take this jumpsuit by Ralph Lauren. It's sexy, classy and sophisticated. Other jumpsuits that I viewed on the runway left something to be desired, as well as jodhpur pants. Conjuring up visions of the 80s (read: MC Hammer), jodphur pants will not make my essential items list for your wardrobe.

Yellow and orange will dominate the season, as well as beautiful bright colors in greens and blues. Neutrals, yet again, will be everywhere making day-to-day dressing a cinch! You will see neutrals in beautiful metallics, as well as scrumptious fabrics — sheer to satin. Colorblocking techniques may come back into the mix. Cocktail dresses with patterns and embroidery will be seen on the streets, at parties, luncheons, and just about everywhere.

Belts, while not disappearing, will take a back seat for Spring. If it's not built into the garment, you may not be wearing them at all. It's about clean lines, maybe even a little on the relaxed side. You will also find a lot of draping, from tops and pants to skirts and dresses.

Look for big, bold jewelry. Spring will not be the time to play it safe. Go for more. Some designers are building accessories into their garments - bonus!

Tide Wash & Wear will continue to make an impact on the fashion world. And thank goodness for that. We need more items in our closet that can be thrown into the washing machine versus visiting the dry cleaner.

As we eagerly await the coming of Spring, Fashion Week hits again in just a few weeks ... and, of course, my head will be wrapping itself around the next Fall/Winter season! However, for now, let's look forward to Spring.

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