britenzOver the last couple of weeks, I've been testing a fun, new product that whitens teeth on the go. Thank goodness for the 'on the go' factor, as I don't stand still for more than a minute.

Britenz is an all natural brush-on teeth whitener that is easy to use and fits right into your purse. It's safe and effective. I can attest that it absolutely brightens your smile for the short term, in addition to the long term with continual use. 

Britenz, containing 100% natural xylitol, organic Aloe Vera, CoQ10 and natural peppermint extract, was developed to whiten your smile in just a few hours. Formulated by dentists, Britenz protects and helps with oral care while delivering fast results. The ingredients are safe, so you don't have to worry about trying not to swallow. And you can see the product working right away, as it fizzes.

It's no surprise that a bright smile brings confidence. Smiling releases endorphins and adjusts your body chemistry. It's proven to lower blood pressure. So why wouldn't you want a phenomenal smile that delivers all of that?

I say, spring is the perfect time to whiten

Who wants to give Britenz a whirl with me? Britenz would love to give away a few whitening pens to those looking for whiter teeth and fresher breath in an easy application. Simply leave a comment below and you'll be entered to win Britenz Brush-On Teeth Whitener. Enter now!

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