audrinapatridgeSpecial events call for special hair. And I can't imagine an event where the chignon wouldn't be an awesome option.

It's one of those styles that once secured, stays put throughout the night. While it might look high maintenance, it certainly doesn't act high maintenance.

I love this messy chignon on Audrina Patridge. It's just gorgeous. If my hair could look like this in the care of my own two hands, I would wear the chignon once a week (or more).

It's timeless, elegant and oh so chic!

Speaking of fabulous hair, I am most excited about working with one of my clients this week on a new look for the new year! After a little closet purging, we are heading off for hair and make-up! And then we'll celebrate the new look with some shopping! Not all in one day, though. Phew! Super fun.

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