As much as I may report on trends, there are classics that cannot be denied. Such as Hermès. And who doesn't love a quality leather wrist watch that only increases in value? Pick your color, size and style. You won't stop staring at your work of art!


Featured above: Kelly, Kelly 2, Heure H and Arceau

allseasonscarfYou'll find me in a scarf practically all year long. Well, not the dead of summer.

I love scarves that not only have colors that transcend season, but a weight that is comfortable to wear every day.

This Contileoni multi-color print scarf is made of mostly modal fabric, so it's soft and warm around your neck. While it's available for spring pre-order, it falls into my year round wearable category. The light to dark colors make it versatile. In fact, throw on those aqua skinnies, a white tee and this scarf and you've got a sure-fire outfit. Maybe even add a purple jacket.

Easy. Colorful. Goodness. 

Available March 15 at Luisa Via Roma

Eyewear just got an attitude.

This spring, all shapes and sizes in sunglasses are welcome. From square to oval to aviator to cat eye — and with spectacular detail to boot! This is the perfect time to get personal. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't choose wisely. Start with a shape that works for your face, then work up from there with color and lens options.

Perhaps you're ready for a mirrored lens this season?


Photos from Prabal Gurung, Gucci, Prada, Robert Cavalli and Rebecca Taylor

chloeiphonesleeveWith more technology comes more options for cases. And more and more designers are jumping on board, as they should.

Last month, the Charlotte Observer asked me what tech cases I recommend for my clients. While we are drawn to aesthetics, the biggest factor in choosing a tech case is lifestyle. Personally, I have always relied on my Otterbox, as I am on the go constantly and tend to drop my phone a lot.

Though just last weekend during the Girls on the Run 5K, I had to take my phone out of its case in order for it to fit into my jacket pocket. Ever since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed my phone with no case. It's so clean, clear and sleek. And amazingly enough, I haven't dropped it.

This led to the search for the perfect iPhone sleeve. I am happy to report I found it! Understated luxe from Chloé (and over 60% off at Bluefly), of course.

Crossing fingers my record of no phone drops for the week continues well into the future.

juicyglovesShort leather gloves (Italian, in red). Check.

Arm warmers (6+ pairs). Check.

Super long leather gloves. Gasp!

Gracing the runways for fall 2012 were long leather gloves. So luxe! Almost all designers got on board. Personally, I love the elegance. It takes me back to a more prim and proper point in time.

What makes this look modern is the chain link bracelets wrapped around the wrist. I believe Hermès started that frenzy. And I'm definitely into it.

Photo from Glamour; Juicy Couture long leather gloves