Sometimes, you only need one über fabulous accessory to make an outfit. Like these vintage CHANEL sunglasses.

Round sunnies have certainly made a comeback this year. And pairing them with a simple, sleek ensemble brings them front and center. Take that same concept of 'one' and express it through a pair of vintage shoes, or perhaps a vintage handbag. Nothing should compete with something so nostalgic.

Chic and, most definitely, cool.

Photo from Ulyana Sergeenko blog

travelbagSometimes, you could use a little fun in your travel packing.

Like this moose dopp kit.

Specializing in practical accessories for travel and outdoor use, this dopp kit from London-based company Anorak will make you smile while loading up your goodies for your trip.

You can also find this toiletry bag in red bunnies and blue polar bears. Super fun designs guaranteed to make your trip that much lighter!

Photo from Red magazine June 2012

Prada, dahling, don't tease me like this. I see these nifty sunglasses in your SS12 runway show, in addition to your site. Then again in, what I believe is, the Nordstrom catalog. Yet, I cannot find them for purchase anywhere. How cruel!

Where, oh where, have you put all of your Deluxe sunglasses for spring? The agony is too much to bare.

So, please put me out of my misery.


Photo from Prada

During the winter months, there are a few essential items that I absolutely cannot live without. Scarves, mittens and socks!

For indoors and outdoors all year round, The Row's ivory/navy stripe penny scarf is 100% cotton coziness. The classic colors translate perfectly to almost any outfit. Cooler temps call for the plush goodness of Missoni's black/white/silver zig zag scarf. It generates heat like no other and is super comfortable around your neck.

My hands need special attention. For driving, it takes a substantial mitten, such as shearling, to keep my hands happy. All other times of the day, I'm sporting arm warmers. I love that I can work in them, both in closets and on my computer. The perfect companion. 

As for my feet, no surprise ... they are always cold. When I'm not in my down slippers, I'm wearing angora socks with boots. Hot and toasty!

All it takes are the right accessories. I've got your appendages covered!
retroroundsLast year, I was all over the Willys. As trends would have it, those big round sunglasses will be all over the place this upcoming spring. Which means I need to find a new pair to set me apart.

Enter: the retro round. Tom Ford's Ali retro sunglasses in peach are super cool. Still oversized, still round, but definitely different. I love the color and the acetate frame. The t-shaped metal inset at the temples adds such pretty detail, too.

While we are just beginning to hold onto the cold temperatures, I can't stop thinking about the wonders of spring and the mega doses of style it will bring.