kellsbootsWho's ready for fall? Or shall I say, who's ready to wear their favorite boots?

My sister is quite excited about wearing these Sartore beauties she picked up in Paris this past February. Um, hello. I can't wait to put outfits together for her, showcasing her new booties. They are fantastique!

Are you looking forward to picking up a new pair of boots this fall?

Pre-fall shoes already hit the stores in May, which means fall shoes will come in full force beginning in August. Don't let too much time go by before snagging your favorite pair. After all, boots are the prized possession of the fall/winter season!
While you won't see me in flats often, I am a sucker for edgy sneakers. And I love having an alternative to chucks for those running around days. For me, it's the perfect shoe to wear while on a shoot. And when they look like this, you can't help but illicit onlookers. As my son would say, so boss!

Over a year ago, I picked out a pair of high-top sneaks for my sister-in-law while vacationing in Aspen, similar to these Ash buckle trainers. She not only loves them, her daughter approves (and thinks she is the coolest ever for wearing them)! I might have to add a pair of Ruby and Ed lace ups to her wardrobe.

The takeaway — comfort can be cool.

Photo from Red magazine June 2012

zebrajimmychooOooh, saucy!

These beauties would be perfect for an evening out while on this little escape I've dreamed up, don't you think? They'd even look fabulous with the Gucci bathing suit.

This timeless, feminine zebra print sandal by Jimmy Choo packs major pizazz. You're bound to have fun no matter where you go! To celebrate the label's 15th anniversary, an ICONS collection was designed, revisiting cult styles from the past.

This one is definitely a keeper!

Already longing for fall? Here's something to stir the pot ... fabulous pre-fall shoes! From Giuseppe Zanotti to Prada, time to get your drool on.

Spring brings some lively choices in wedges!

While I love my winter boots, I am looking forward to whipping out my wedges for spring. And since color is front and center this season, I am taking inventory to ensure I have some playful beauties of my own to stomp around in.

If I happen to add a wedge over the next month or two, it might have to be this fabulous leather and crochet-knit wedge by Missoni. Super cute! I could certainly have fun putting outfits together around this colorful pair of sandals.