If you are like me, you are sick to your stomach at the prices of shoes these days. It used to be that an expensive pair of shoes ran you $400. Today, that is considered main stream - and high-end begins at $790. What is the deal? After agonizing over this ugly reality with my friend, Kay, yesterday, I declared that I am on a mission. That mission is to find high quality shoes at decent prices. In my opinion, Michael Kors gets it. He has his high-end line, MICHAEL KORS, and two lower priced lines, MICHAEL Michael Kors and KORS Michael Kors. The KORS Michael Kors line isn't the best quality, however, it offers value and enables us to buy a hot designer shoe at a decent price. (Side note: MICHAEL KORS handbags are also priced really well - and love the quality!!) This mission of mine (and yours, too, I am sure) will bring attention to more lines just like this.

Case in point ...

mouse-shoesI fell in love with these mouse shoes back in December. And at the time I thought to myself, I must get these. They are too cute for words. However, I am not into spending a lot of money on trendy items. I am a "fashion staple" kind of girl and more apt to drop big dollars on timeless pieces. Just makes sense, right? So could I do without these adorable mouse shoes?

marc1Then these beauties came along. Also, too cute for words. You can find these Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes in high-end department stores, as well as online. But at $325 for a pair of flats that stand out so much that you can't possibly get away with wearing them often (not to mention potentially despising them next year), I couldn't bring myself to buy them (husband will be relieved to learn this).

Afterp3060182 getting a call from my sister, Kelly, the other day, saying that I must run to Target to check out a pair of Loeffler Randall ballet flats, I set out on a quest. Kelly is almost as much of a shoe snob as I am. However, in this case - she was really onto something. This was her second pair of Target ballet flats purchased. Yeah Kelly. But guess what? I not only bought the rose gold Loeffler Randall ballet flats at $29.99, I also found these darling silver Mossimo ones with white suede tips, for $19.99. Yes, I said $19.99. Yeah me! The woman behind me in line even reached over to see the shoes I purchased. Her eyes lit up! And while she may have been thinking, "what's she doing buying shoes at Target" ... you know she ran back and got some for herself.

In keeping with my belief (not spending a lot on trendy items), I faired pretty well. And I am okay if they only make it through the summer. I am not a "flats" girl to begin with. I adore wearing high heels daily (the higher the better). But who doesn't want ballet flats for the summer - good gracious they are everywhere in the most beautiful, vibrant colors. And now, at extremely affordable prices. You can thank Kelly! I did.

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