dizzycatAccessories, my stylish friends, are it. For Spring into Fall. Big, bold pieces ... statement pieces. There isn't an easier way to spice up an outfit than with accessories. That's why I love Dizzy Cat Design. Cat, the designer, goes for big and bold. She's not afraid to express herself, and she knows you aren't either. She does a great job of layering big pieces together, which isn't done right that often. My accessories video will be coming out soon, and you will see some fantastic pieces from Dizzy Cat Design. Until then, visit her site. She can custom design for you based on your style!
geometric braceletBig is still in when it comes to accessories. Belts, handbags and jewelry. Recently, I bought a big gold medallion necklace. However, it feels like part of a Mr. T starter set when I wear it (yikers). So, I am sticking with what I love ... cuffs and rings. I came across this Peruvian Cuff from Tracy Porter. Here's why I love it: it fits my small wrist perfectly (that is really tough to do with cuffs), it has a magnetic closure so it stays put, and the design is fantastic (goes with everything)! And lucky for you, it's on sale right now!

pearl ringAs for rings, there are just so many options out there to make it ridiculously fun. Take my Rive Gauche Pearl Ring, also from Tracy Porter. Another easy piece that goes with everything. Experiment. Have fun. Make a statement. And don't be afraid to mix silver and gold. You can totally pull it off.

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