eaglefeathernecklaceTime to take flight.

Feathers are all the rage. You've noticed, right? It's not just because I wanted one back in April. And it's not just about the hair. 

This necklace is pretty fantastic! Wilfredo Rosado knows how to be carefree. What is better than feeling free? If only for a moment.

This necklace ... would make me feel free. And the best part, nothing much is needed to complete this. A shirt dress. Or, shorts and a tee. Maybe even a high-waisted skirt and fitted top. Simple. Easy. Free.

Super fun and beautifully balanced. I am thrilled to announce the inverted geometry earrings are now available on Twisted Silver!

I was fortunate to get my hands on a pair a few months ago. They slid right into one of my photo shoots — brilliantly, I might add. Not only are they a great 'notice me' size, but they are also lightweight. And the design makes them a statement maker, for sure.

Oh, and that fabulous orange cuff? It's made out of recycled wood. Talk about an eco essential! I wear mine almost daily.


Photo by C.Horgan Productions

tscorknecklaceJewelry should be fun, right? As much as we like to dress up in jewels, making a playful statement can be just as entertaining.

When I heard that Twisted Silver was coming out with a version of its Brass XO Opera necklace that I'm obsessed with, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to add this to my collection.

This light-weight, eco-friendly cork necklace can be worn in many ways. Super long, doubled up, or if you're adventurous, from shoulder to hip (my favorite). Just as this necklace doesn't want to be taken too seriously, you, too, should enjoy finding new ways to wear your jewelry.

The Cork Opera necklace even inspired some play time in the park, as seen on my beautiful model, Christie!
This corporate exec turned jewelry designer knows a thing or two about beautiful things. Reija Eden, of Reija Eden Jewelry, creates masterpieces for all to enjoy. Diamonds, gold, 14-K gold filled, gold vermeil, sterling silver, precious + semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls ... such an incredible variety.

Whether you fancy the real deal, or prefer costume jewelry, Reija Eden Jewelry has a finely edited collection that is sure to please. A few of my favorites — the jewel bracelet, orange earrings, gold leaf necklace and black + white diamond ring. They suit my every side ... color poppers, basic beauties and total luxe.

Time to show off all of your sides with Reija Eden Jewelry!

twistedcameraLeaking lizards! I can't stop myself from sharing this secret.

All you Twisted lovers, get ready. You don't want to miss the upcoming Twisted Silver Flash Sale! With the tag line 'Is Your Mamma Twisted?' you know there will be loads of great deals just in time for a seriously fashion forward Mother's Day.

You can also join Twisted Silver for their live Facebook event. Pictures will be posted throughout the sale, including instant comment interactions and style tips on the sale items. The Flash Sale is this Wednesday from 4-9 pm Pacific time. For you lucky Twisted patrons who order over $100 worth of jewelry and post one of the items you're ordering on the Twisted Facebook page, a free pair of earrings will be added to your order!

This information was too good not to leak!