You've heard me say, 'wait too long and it's gone.'

As is the case with my coveted Lanvin eagle necklace. I've lusted over it ever since it came down the runway for SS12. I bookmarked it. I told myself that when things slowed down, I would treat myself to it. Well, I lost my chance.

When I talk about ordering for pre-fall, before summer has even hit, I realize it may sound crazy to some. Truth be told, if you have your eye on something special for the season ahead, you have the think ahead — and buy ahead. For example, to ensure you get the pick of the litter, buy your winter coat in August, then store it away safely. Or, call me to take care of all the details. That's what you have me for. Goodness knows, my clients come before me (that's why this is a lesson learned for me, 3x over).

Photo from Lanvin

eddieborgocuffThis is one of those pieces that will get people talking. For hours.

This gemstone three sided pyramid cuff by Eddie Borgo deserves a major shout out. It's different enough, as a cuff, to get my attention. The hardware is tough, yet the gemstone is feminine — what an amazing combination. I can't think of a single outfit it wouldn't go with.

Casual to formal — here's your cuff.

Photo from Eddie Borgo

collarobsessionFor years, I have been obsessed with collars. And I can barely stand myself at this very moment in time.

Hello, Paco Rabanne. How did you get it so right?

In addition to this stunner (or two: I can't tell if it's one or two pieces), I have my eye on a few Lanvin collars. I dream about them nightly. I even pulled some stray jewelry pieces together and made a wonderful creation of my own. Unfortunately, that doesn't make me want the real thing any less.

Collar necklaces are far more versatile than you think, as they layer beautifully (rule of three). So don't be shy about trying this on for size.

Photo by Morgan O'Donovan

As I prepare for an upcoming photo shoot, I have secretly had my eye on a few items for myself. While I should keep that a secret (to avoid these little lovelies being snatched up before I get my hands on them), I can't help but share. 

Local jewelry designer Laura James delivers oohs and aahs on a daily basis. Everything she creates is special, beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Trust me, I have to pace myself. Otherwise, I'd buy everything in her boutique! Especially this vintage turquoise stone beaded gold tone shield pendant necklace. It is beyond amazing! 

While Laura James jewelry fits the bill no matter the season, I am loving these for spring!
Any opportunity to personalize something, I am in. So when I discovered Gemvara, an addiction took over. Hours were spent customizing amazingly gorgeous rings and necklaces. I just couldn't get enough — and still can't. All of the options available certainly make for many a fabulous jewel. I tweeted every single one (kudos to Gemvara for the ability to share via social media).

Gemvara gems are absolutely stunning. I am head over heels for london blue topaz, lemon quartz and black onyx! What's most impressive though, is the concept of creating a piece you give meaning to. Like my Gemvara Naked Cushion Checkerboard Petite Bezel Pendant Necklace in London Blue Topaz on a dainty sterling silver ball chain. It's the perfect I'll-never-take-this-off necklace. And the customer care team is wonderful. They keep you posted every step of the way. Truly, every step — getting you even more excited to receive your one-of-a-kind piece.

Sounds like the ideal holiday gift, to give and receive, doesn't it?