So far, I'm not a fan.

I find it interesting that many of these Gaia Repossi ear cuffs have sold out. Even this Berbère 18-karat gold diamond ear cuff at almost $6500. The four hooped cuff (also shown below) is almost $13,000. Of course, several versions come without diamonds. But honestly, I think I'll leave them right where I found them. Some trends are just not worth investing in.


Photo from Net-a-Porter

Big simple has been catching my eye a lot lately.

True luxe. Like this Rosantica handmade agate and lapis lazuli necklace. It's stunning, really. Bold hues. Graduating sizing in the semi-precious stones. Wear it knotted, doubled up or tripled up. Or, if you're adventurous, diagonal from shoulder to hip. Whether you go with a simple backdrop like below, or full throttle with an intensely colorful ensemble, you can't go wrong.


Photo from Net-a-Porter

vintagechanelcrossPieces from the past.

They make us happy, don't they?

There's just something about owning a part of history. Like this vintage CHANEL cross necklace (mine's emerald and yes, it's over-the-top fabulous).

Whether you choose to encase your special gem in glass and stare at it all day long or wear it every single day, both are completely acceptable options. It's more about knowing you have it then showing it off. Case in point, a certain pair of shoes I own (just seeing them in my closet makes me giddy).

After a successful national photo shoot yesterday, I've come to realize that others appreciate those amazing jewels, too. Vintage or brand new, we are drawn to items that speak to us.

And we should definitely honor that.

tbchainIt should come as no surprise, with my neckwear obsession, that I am into anything oversized and close around the neck.

Enter: the Tory Burch Charlie Box Chain necklace, shown backwards because that's how I'd wear it.

Granted, if I could, I would go for the Celine ID Chain necklace. But alas, it's sold out (and out of my price range). Tory's version is well priced, and as the title conveys, can be layered with a few more delicate pieces.

A chic Mr. T starter set!

No matter the time, place or season, there is one thing for certain — jewelry makes a statement.

As a long time fan of choker and collar necklaces, this Lanvin beauty caught my eye.  It's so attention getting, the clothes on your body may take the back seat.

There is much excitement in the air as fall brings highly decorated accessories. And while the heat may be getting to you, forcing you to pare down your wardrobe motivations, there is no reason why you shouldn't start wearing those treasures of yours now. Fall forward in summer? Yes!


Photo from Lanvin