I like statement makers. On the sleek side.

That is why I am drawn to this large root cuff by Jennifer Fisher. Cast from polished gold-plated brass, this flexible piece can be worn on the wrist or upper arm.

Jennifer's pieces are uniquely bold, created out of her own personal style necessity in 2005. A California native and former wardrobe stylist, Jennifer was searching for a piece of jewelry that not only spelled her first child's name, but also expressed her personal style. Lucky for us, she was unable to find anything which forced her to design something. And when friends, family and even strangers requested their own piece specially designed by Jennifer, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry was born.


Available at Net-a-Porter

devonleighThere is another side to my simple self. You know, the one that loves a little drama from time to time — whether it be in accessories or clothing.

In this case, it's in the form of a necklace by Devon Leigh.

The mix of wide link chain, faceted aquamarine beads and the carved cross pendant makes this piece special and interesting. Well traveled.

Devon Leigh features one-of-a-kind edgy designs that create a stir. Winner of the Dallas Fashion Award and Rising Star Award nominee, this Los Angeles native combines a modern mix of natural semiprecious stones and rich metals. Her work is continually evolving, showcasing pieces that reflect her vision. 

Pair this with a basic foundation and level up your style.

Available at Neiman Marcus

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