I have been eyeing a teal patent leather bag for quite some time. It's the same thing every season - I scout out a bag, visit it for a couple days to weeks to months, and justify why I absolutely must have it (if it's a "I can't live without it" bag, I will buy it on the spot). Sometimes you just know when you've found the bag. Other times, you're not sure. It got me thinking, times like these call for a little budget exploration and creativity. I am in love with the Coach and Hype bags featured below. However, being the investment buyer that I am, my money is spent on items that transcend time and season. And while I haven't yet decided which teal (or hot pink) bag that's calling my name, you can rest assured the final decision will be based on quality and cost. The following bags are not the same in size, color or quality, however, it will give you an idea of what to look for when trying to replicate a look. 12295_b4te_a0_front.thumbnail

Anteprima-Nueve Leather Sahara Bag $250
Hype Seaglass Bellange: $188.95 (sold locally at the higher price of $275)


Urban Expressions Hudson Tote $54


Primo Limited Small Loft Satchel $49.50