Runway isn't always an illusion. There are pieces, from time to time, that you can get your hands on. Such as the Dior Libertine. Yummy draped leather in petal with aged 'C.D.' letters that were borrowed from a belt created by Christian Dior in 1950. Timeless perfection!

beachbagIt's official. Summer has arrived, although the heat gave it away weeks ago. With the first day of summer comes vacation! Hopefully it's not a vacation held only in your dreams. I, too, prefer the real deal.

If you're heading to the beach, lake or, just simply, the pool, this bag is irresistible! Anya Hindmarch's cream canvas tote comes with two brown leather handles and gold-tone designer-embossed hardware. Of course, it's the pink and orange embroidery that signifies carefree summer days. The bikini and sunglasses add such fun detail to an otherwise ordinary beach bag. Of course, your beach bag needs all of the essentials in it.

Happy summer. Happy vacation, my stylish friends!

imogenhandbagThe wear-ability of Marc Jacobs' spring collection is ever present. Of course, the brilliant designer knows a thing or two about creating trends ... or more appropriately, fashion frenzies. His spring line is no exception ... it's what I call a 'want-to-wearable' line.

Chic meets relaxed. The cool factor, the comfort and the easy style make Jacobs' collection incredibly desirable. And the accessories are killing me ... sheer leggings, shoes and cross-over handbags.

Speaking of cross-over bags, I am in love with the Imogen. Talk about tribal/city flair! Perfect for the woman on the go who refuses to sacrifice style for function.

Can a celebrity take something ordinary and make it stylish? Most of the time, yes. In this case, I beg to differ. Last year, Fergie collaborated with Kipling to come up with a collection that would make an impact on the world of fashion. I am not sure the end result proved to be successful. While the Fergie for Kipling photo shoot turned out great, I have yet to find a handbag that I like, let alone recommend to a client. The collection below channels LeSportsac, reminiscent of my early years. Personally, I can't get passed that.


purseIf I had a dime for every person who stopped me on the streets, in the airport, at the mall, in the grocery store, in the parking lot, at the dentist office, and on the plane to say "I love your bag ... where did you get it?" - I would not only have been able to pay for this handbag, but would have turned a profit. It's funny, when I bought this bag, I knew it was special ... but not that special. Seriously, I can't go anywhere without a fellow drooler. Like all handbag purchases I make, I have to visit it several times before I make a commitment. I want to walk away from the store knowing how badly I want it in order to justify coming back to buy it. My sister thinks I am crazy. She is definitely a purse snob and does not hesitate to buy high-end handbags (really high end) at first glance. Of course, there are times she gets buyers remorse and that high-end handbag marches itself right back to the store. (Love you, Kell!). There is great satisfaction in researching a bag's construction and not completely falling into a trend. And getting the exact color (light aqua/mint) you've dreamed about, to boot!

As I am not one to keep secrets (even though I've read a million times that you should never give away your resources), I am going to tell you where you can get this great bag. The handbag is patent leather, made by Hype. It's the Bellange - and it's now ON SALE for $162.95 here. I am actually surprised they still have some left, after all the folks I've sent their way. The images online do not do it justice. Trust me, it's fabulous. So there, I have shared my secret for the benefit of all you fashionistas! Just don't wear it the same day I do, please.