Press the pause button.

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we pile more on ourselves than we can handle, sending us into a tail spin. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Just as you schedule meetings, clients and appointments each week, schedule some time for yourself. Scatter 15 minutes in a few times a day just to breathe or sit in quiet. And how about a little R&R at the spa? An amazing facial does more for you than just pamper your face — it's a body, mind and soul refresher.


This year, this season has not been rushed. In fact, it's been peaceful, for which I am forever grateful. The more in tune I become with myself in how I serve others, the more I realize the importance of pressing the pause button. After all, my clients deserve the best me.

During a recent visit to the spa, I picked up a treat for myself — Siam SEAS Elements Beauty Balm, packed with four powerhouse Southeast Asian botanicals, Vitamin C and Oxyresveratrol from Lakoocha extract. Aside from the fact that I want to eat my face off because it smells so good, it's perfect for this dry, cold (and busy) season. It is formulated to heal skin while allowing it to glow healthily.

Best yet, the simple ritual of applying this luscious balm is in fact a pause button.

So press the pause button already! Breathe, unwind and relax. Then, jump back in when you're ready. 

VitaminEeyebalmBack in April, I had the opportunity to meet the founder of One Love Organics, Suzanne LeRoux, while visiting Savannah, GA. Having made the switch to natural, non-toxic skin care years ago, I had already been using a few of her products when we met.

I love what this skin care line contains as much as I love what it doesn't contain. One Love Organics uses the most effective ingredients on the market, like their award–winning organic chia supercritical extract, innovative plant stem cells and clinically proven D’Orientine S. And their list of nevers: GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Silicon, PEG, Synthetic perfumes and dyes. Fantastic!

That day, I walked away with a new product in hand, the Vitamin E Eye Balm, a powerful blend of Vitamin E, organic shea butter, pomegranate and sea kelp. Not even halfway through the container, this stuff lasts forever! It's super hydrating and can be used morning (sparingly) and evening (generously). 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin and 91% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. More impressive, One Love Organics’ award-winning skin care products are produced in micro-batches at the company’s ECOCERT® licensed manufacturing facility in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

If you haven't made the switch to all natural goodness, this is a great line to transition into. Your skin will love it! And so will your wallet.


I can never have too much sunblock on hand. Of course, it must be a physical blocker, my preference being zinc oxide.

Because of my sun hesitant skin, and the need to keep my legs covered and out of the sun this summer due to vein procedures, I need something strong and easy.

Enter: Solar Goo by Green Goo.

First off, I love that it is 20% non-nano zinc oxide. Second, it's hydrating. And third, it rubs in clear. Sweet! But the bonus — the travel size tin can fit in my pocket. Perfect for the lacrosse fields this summer, or wherever my daily adventures take me.

Solar Goo made this on-the-go sunblock for all skin types (yes, even sensitive skin). The formula has only 7 ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide 20%, organic calendula flowers, organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax and non GMO Vitamin E. It's petroleum, chemical and gluten free to boot.

Now that I have the travel size, I am ready to buy the big tin. I love this stuff!



If it was acceptable to write a two-word review, it would go like this:

Buy this!

As much as I can't stand taking pictures of myself (and trust me, my kids have had a field day with my phone and these pictures), I knew it was necessary for me to document my progress. And boy, was there progress.

Let me begin by saying, the NEWA is more of an investment in time than money. Clearly, this technology is worth every penny. NEWA is the first home use, over-the-counter RF wrinkle reduction device to receive FDA clearance. It's easy to use and provides effective and noticeable results in reducing facial wrinkles, in addition to tightening skin.

For the first 30 days, it's a commitment — approximately 30 minutes (between washing and using the device) 5 days a week. There are 3 areas on each side of the face that are targeted for 4 minutes a piece — cheekbone to temple, underneath cheekbone and under chin/neck line — gliding in circular motions. The device heats up quickly. Once the blinking blue light turns to a blinking green, the technology is actively working to renew collagen. There are two settings, though I used level 2 right out of the gate. The device automatically shuts off after 4 minutes, which is brilliant. I used the app for the first treatment until I realized it wasn't necessary. Before each 4 minute session, apply the 3Deep Lift activating gel. Do not skimp on the gel, as you will need this barrier for the heat. Ensure the metal prongs are covered completely. The tube of gel will last longer than 30 days. Before and after each treatment, cleanse your face. You can apply your skin care products once your treatment is complete.

While I will sometimes do the treatments in the morning (which is definitely doable, I'm not red for long), I prefer doing the treatments at night before bed.

I must state for the record, I take very good care of my skin. I always have. And another contributing factor is how I eat. While it's uncomfortable looking at pictures of myself, I am proud of how my resting face looks for my age. Now, if only my expression-full face could follow suit! Oh, but wait, that's actually improving, too.

At the onset of my treatments, my skin immediately felt firmer. Within days, looked plumper. It was quite exciting. However, it wasn't until my 30 day pictures that I really witnessed what was happening. Below, I have circled areas that showed significant improvement. You will notice in the first picture a decrease in depth of my parenthesis line, to point of almost non-existence. It's so smooth and plump now. In the second picture, again the depth and length of the line is decreased, in addition to a smoothing of the skin directly to the right of the line. In the third picture, I just had to do it. I wanted to see if my boney face would relax a bit with expression. Not only are there less lines to the side of my mouth, the lines aren't as deep. And check out the cheekbone. Definite wrinkle reduction.

Even aside from where I circled, redness is reduced, my cheekbones appear to be lifted and my neck line looks smoother.

Now that I am just past the 30 day mark, I can reduce my treatments to 2-3 times a week. Honestly, I am looking forward to what the next 30 days will bring. This truly is an advancement in skin technology that I believe everyone can benefit from.




All photos were taken at the same time of day (end of day) and in the same place.

jenuplusI love a good skin care tool. And the simplicity of this one got me.

JeNu is all about absorption. The tool itself uses ultrasonic technology to help your skin care products penetrate the dermal layers more effectively. The beauty of this particular tool is the ability to use your own products. And let's be honest, who doesn't have a linen closet full of skin care products.

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System is designed with two vital components working together — the Infuser Wand and the MicroSphere Conducting Gel. After you cleanse your face and apply your skin care products, simply go over your face with the wand in a circular motion (use a pea size amount of the conducting gel for each location). It shuts off automatically after one minute. I use it all over, however, I especially target my eyes and the area around my mouth. It is so easy to travel with and holds a charge for weeks, depending on use.

Says Dr. Sonia Batra, dermatologist and lead medical advisor of JeNu,

"When it comes to delivery of active ingredients, products do need a bit of a nudge. Much of the ingredients that we apply topically continue to sit atop the skin before they evaporate. That’s why results you see from your topical products often take so long, and often fall short. JeNu utilizes painless ultrasound technology — something that’s been used in a medical setting for decades — to increase the skin’s ability to absorb treatment products. And it’s been clinically proven to do so by six times."

As for my personal results, I have noticed a huge difference in skin hydration. And because of that, my skin looks smooth and supple. Have I noticed wrinkle reduction? Not yet. However, I am pleased with how my products are absorbing into my skin, enabling my products to work harder than on their own.