Spider veins. I have them. I despise them.

So much so, that over 10 years ago I had several skin laser sessions done. And just 2 years ago, I had two sclerotherapy sessions. All this to no avail.


I am like many of you. Wanting that quick fix to rid of hideous spider veins. However, in order to truly address vein health, you have to get to the root of the problem or the problem will continue to persist. That is exactly why my previous vein treatments did not work. They only focused on the surface. 

So what’s the right way to approach painful, unsightly veins? I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Charlotte Radiology Vein Centers like I did. You will gain a full understanding of your particular vein situation and how to address it. And education is key.

Vein health is important to understand. Whether you have varicose veins or spider veins — right of passage or not — they are a drag. They can cause aching or cramping in the legs. The affected areas may throb, burn, tingle or feel heavy. Severely inflamed veins can be tender to the touch and may reduce circulation.

Varicose veins are the bulging, bluish cords running just beneath the surface of your skin. They almost always affect legs and feet. Spider veins are small, twisted blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They may be red, purple or blue and most often appear on the legs or face. They take their name from their striking spiderweb pattern.

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