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I have tasted a lot of greens in my day. Hands down, this one is the best.

Whether you drink it in water, or add it to a smoothie, these greens will not disappoint.

The fact of the matter is, most of us do not consume the daily recommended intake of colorful fruits and vegetables. These greens are a quick, easy and delicious way to get more nutrition and complement a healthy diet of whole fruits and vegetables. Loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants from a proprietary blend of more than 30 premium vegetables, herbs and botanicals, Isagenix Greens! supports overall health and well-being.

I am all about alkalinity, and these greens definitely keep me in the zone! 


I love to support a great cause.

Back in May, I was introduced to HALF UNITED by a friend of mine. I was taken aback twice over. Not only are the items freshly done and well priced, but every item purchased provides 7 meals for a child in need. Talk about awesome.

HALF UNITED was founded in 2009 by brother/sister duo, Christian and Carmin Black. No more than $200 and a passion to change the lives of people in need, these two have created something huge. In fact, HALF UNITED's customers have provided over 200,000 meals for children in need in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia, Liberia, Nepal and Haiti.

The fact that the headquarters is in the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina makes it that much sweeter. Local helps global. Their mission to fight world hunger brings a conscience to fashion. And I love it!


Featured: Everett necklace


Seriously, I can't go on. Without these, that is.

The Clarita bow-embellished burgundy velvet sandal by Alexandre Birman is timelessly stunning. Wear with jeans, formal attire and everything in between. Hello!



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I've missed you.

A month on the road. Literally. I had to take time off from writing.

The fact that my travel is done unti August is bittersweet. Between my lax family (son's lacrosse team) and beautiful friends I have been able to see along my way, I feel complete and a bit saddened all at once. Yet styling clients — packing for trips, purging, shopping, setting up healthy lifestyles — keeps me in my world.

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of quality relationships. They feed my soul. You can bet the travel I have ahead of me in August through September will be a welcome addition to the space in which I reside. 

It's all kinds of fabulous! And I wish the same for you.



What a pleasant surprise today was.

I walked into my favorite boutique (Jeffre Scott) and found the gorgeous Ada Polla there! Within seconds, we were off to the back room, immersed in conversation. I just love seeing Ada when she is in town.

And I love her products.

The Alchimie Forever skin care collection is dermatologist-tested and designed to solve immediate and long-term skin concerns. Alchimie Forever originated through the practice of using skincare as a post-procedure supplement — effective, yet gentle anti-aging formulas.

Like this lightening serum.

Packaged in a luxurious airless pump-tube, this serum imparts a youthful appearance to the face by targeting uneven pigmentation. A cocktail of powerful anti-pigmentation actives, specifically alpha-arbutin, vitamin C and citrus extract, rejuvenates the skin by preventing sun damage, evening out pigmentation and lightening brown spots. 

Yep. It's mine now.