? Soups 250-400 g per reception. Vegetarian different kinds of cereals, potatoes, vegetables (preferably crushed), milk, fruit. cold beet. Soup with sour cream, citric acid, green. Exclude: legumes, meat, fish, mushroom soup. Article 36 - Chien-yu - is located in the corner of the shoulder in the cavity formed by raising his hands in a horizontal direction.? Meat and poultry. Different types of meat and poultry only low-fat varieties, baked and shaped and cut a piece. Exclude: fat degrees, duck, goose, fluoxetine liver, kidneys, brain, sausages, smoked meats, canned food. In the stomach and intestines of a patient produced toxins that time spread throughout the body. ? Education in school. Educational programs that warn about the dangers of smoking, should be strengthened and expanded throughout the school system, from primary school. Parents, teachers, caregivers and other adults who are responsible for education, should be aware that their habit of smoking is a bad example for children who may be cigarette smokers for life.


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